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The Design Agenda: A Guide to Successful Design Management

The Design Agenda: A Guide to Successful Design Management

Rachel Cooper, Mike Press

ISBN: 978-0-471-94106-4 April 1995 308 Pages


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UK Design lies between the worlds of culture and commerce, betweenpassion and profit. Design is indeed a passion for things, offeringmethods that enable them to come into being. It follows that designshould also aspire to a passion for the people who use thesethings, for their quality of life, their aspirations: a passion forbetterment. The management of design is about fostering thatpassion and linking it to the fulfilment of corporate goals andprofitability. The Design Agenda explains why it is necessary andhow it can be done. This clearly written book:
* draws on the best methods to provide practical guidance oneffective design management

* contains a unique resource guide to enable further study andresearch

* contains contemporary examples to illustrate the value of wellmanaged design
In combining practical advice with a theoretical overview the bookrepresents an ideal introductory text for a range of designstudents and an excellent source of information to middle managersin retail and manufacturing industries.
What Is Design?

The Value of Design.

Corporate Design Strategies.

Design and the Organisation.

Design Audits.

Design Management--Setting the Agenda.

Resource Guide.