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The Disappearance of Telecommunications

The Disappearance of Telecommunications

Roberto Saracco , Jeffrey R. Harrow , Robert Weihmayer

ISBN: 978-0-780-35387-9

Feb 2000, Wiley-IEEE Press

174 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Where is the Information Society headed? Improve your understanding of the promises and challenges that await our high-tech world with this provocative look at the future of telecommunications technology soundly based on today's current applications and research. This translation of the bestselling Italian edition offers stimulating insights into the new directions of the coming decade.

With clear explanations devoid of technical jargon, this fascinating and informative book shows you how telecommunications will become seamlessly integrated in an increasing number of everyday products and services. You will learn how these advances will create a world without space and time barriers, populated by intelligent objects. To keep pace with the constantly changing face of technology, Web addresses for the latest technical developments are referenced throughout the book. Plus, a dedicated Web site for THE DISAPPEARANCE OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS provides timely updates.

You'll also find useful introductory explanations of

  • New concepts in telecommunications networks
  • Voice, data, and video integration
  • Advances in digital text processing
  • Electronic commerce
  • Robots, agents, and avatars

For anyone curious about how the evolution of technology, services, and culture will shape the future, this enthralling book is a must. For excerpts of the book, a peek at the future, a look at the Italian version, and more, go to

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