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The Divorce Mediation Handbook: Everything You Need to Know

The Divorce Mediation Handbook: Everything You Need to Know

Paula James

ISBN: 978-0-787-90872-0

Jun 1997, Jossey-Bass

240 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A FriAndlier and Less Expensive Divorce

Clients arriving in your office are usually confused about what mediation means, their legal rights, and how it's all going to be sorted out. You spAnd a good deal of your time just trying to educate them enough to proceed.

The Divorce Mediation Handbook does much of this work for you. It explains the mediation procedure and reassures your clients that they can indeed work out their divorce in a reasonable and civil manner in mediation. It also gives them a great deal of information about

* how children respond to divorce
* how property issues are addressed
* how future support may be considered
* how to prepare for mediation

Paula James, who has mediated over 600 divorces, offers the divorcing couple an encouraging and highly informative book to prepare them for your first session and the work ahead.

How Mediation Differs from Litigation.

Is Mediation the Best Choice for You?

Choosing a Mediator.

The Role of the Mediator.

Conferring with a Family Law Attorney.


Before the First Session.

The First Session (and What Happens Next).

How Agreements Are Reached.

The Emotional Hurdles--What Works.

What Doesn't Work.


Your Children's Needs.

Planning Your Children's Future Care.


Analyzing Your Assets and Debts.

Dividing It All Up.

What About Alimony?
"This is a well organized and straightforward book, written in everyday language, with easily accessible anecdotes the reader can either identify with or gain perspective from them." (Mediation News)

"An informative guide for everyone who is involved in the divorce mediation process." (Diane Neumann, past-president, Academy of Family Mediators and author of Choosing a Divorce Mediator: A Guide to Helping Couples Find a Competent Mediator)

"Based on her extensive experience as a divorce mediator, Paula James explains why couples seeking a divorce should mediate and how to do so. Clear, interesting, informative. A must read for troubled marriages." (Robert Coulson, former CEO of the American Arbitration Association)

"The real strength of this book is its detailed discussions of the issues a divorcing couple must address, regardless of how they dissolve their marriage. . . . RecommAnded for consumer law collections."

?The Divorce Mediation Handbook should be offered to divorcing families by court clerks, clergy, lawyers, therapists, and mediators. Paula James has demystified the mediation process and this book helps divorcing spouses make better informed choices about how to take control of their lives, protect their legal rights, and reduce the financial transaction costs in Anding a marriage.? (Forrest S. Mosten, certified family law specialist and mediator, Los Angeles, California and author of The Complete Guide to Mediation)

"[James] provides the reader a solid basis for understanding the personal costs of divorce, for both the spouses and the children. The book is well written and will well meet the needs of literate clients who are going through the divorce process, whether or not they decide to use mediation."