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The Dollarization Discipline: How Smart Companies Create Customer Value...and Profit from It

The Dollarization Discipline: How Smart Companies Create Customer Value...and Profit from It

Jeffrey J. Fox, Richard C. Gregory

ISBN: 978-0-471-65950-1

Sep 2004

272 pages

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How companies turn value-added into real profits
The Dollarization Discipline shows organizations and marketers how to effectively communicate the economic value created by their products and services. Too often, when companies compete using conventional sales and marketing approaches, they force customers to make financial decisions (how much to spend), based on non-financial arguments (product features and benefits). On this playing field, the company that can show true financial advantage in real dollars and cents wins every time. This book offers a step-by-step strategy for doing just that.
Every day, good companies suffer because they create value for customers but aren't able to keep their fair share. This is because most marketers can't fully explain the value customers get from their products, and the argument falls to the lowest common denominator-price. The solution is an approach to sales and marketing that goes beyond articulating features and benefits, but calculates the monetary value a customer receives from a product or service. This enables the seller to price the product as a true reflection of its value-and also let's the seller prove it to the customer!
With real case studies and detailed, step-by-step guidance on effective dollarization, The Dollarization Discipline finally offers a practical, straightforward way for marketers and business leaders to prove the value of their "value-added."
Jeffrey J. Fox (Gilford, New Hampshire) is the founder and President of Fox & Company, Inc., a marketing consulting firm. Fox is also the author of the bestsellers How to Become a CEO, How to Become a Rainmaker, and How to Become a Great Boss. Richard C. Gregory (Farmington, Connecticut) is a Senior Consultant with Fox & Company.

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Introductory Notes.


Chapter 1. Getting Started with Dollarization.

Chapter 2. Value Is a Number.

Chapter 3. Why Dollarize?

Chapter 4. After the Bubble Burst.


Chapter 5. Dollarization and Selling Your Price.

Chapter 6. Dollarization and Selling Something New.

Chapter 7. Shortening the Sales Cycle.

Chapter 8. Dollarization to Protect and Keep Business.

Chapter 9. Removing Doubt in the Seller’s Mind.

Chapter 10. Dollarization to Get a Prospect’s Attention.

Chapter 11. Dollarization and Channel Partners.

Chapter 12. Dollarizing and Selling Services.


Chapter 13. Dollarization and Marketing Communications.

Chapter 14. Pricing New Products.

Chapter 15. Dollarization and Market Segmentation.

Chapter 16. Dollarization in Consumer Marketing.

Chapter 17. Dollarization and the Commodity Myth.

Chapter 18. Dollarization and New Product Direction.


Chapter 19. The Mechanics of Dollarization.

Chapter 20. How to Dollarize Any Benefit.

Chapter 21. Developing Dollarization Data.

Chapter 22. Making Dollarization Work with the Customer.

Chapter 23. Constructing the Customer Value File.

Appendix: The Dollarization Doctrine: Ten Rules to Successful Dollarization.



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