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The Dryden Interviews

The Dryden Interviews

Windy Dryden

ISBN: 978-1-870-33273-6

Oct 2002

150 pages

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These interviews were conducted by Windy Dryden with different counsellors and psychotherapists on a variety of topics. The interviewees and subjects include Albert Ellis, Jill Sinclair, Arnold Lazarus, Patricia Milner, Brian Thorne and John Cobb.


Chapter 1 An efficient and passionate life: An interview with Albert Ellis.

Chapter 2 Who am I to teach morals? An interview with Peter Lomas.

Chapter 3 The two-plus-one model: An interview with Michael Barkham.

Chapter 4 Counselling under apartheid: An interview with Andrew Swart.

Chapter 5 Therapist sexual abuse: An interview with Jill Sinclair.

Chapter 6 Dos and don'ts and sacred cows: An interview with Arnold Lazarus.

Chapter 7 Counselling on TV: An interview with John Cobb.

Chapter 8 The scientist as a person: An interview with John Marzillier.

Chapter 9 The counsellor and ME: An interview with Pat Milner.

Chapter 10 Therapists and the whole person: An interview with John Rowan.

Chapter 11 Spirituality and the person-centred counsellor: An interview with Brian Thorne.

Chapter 12 Growing together: An interview with John and Marcia Davis.