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The Dynamic Enterprise: Tools for Turning Chaos into Strategy and Strategy into Action

The Dynamic Enterprise: Tools for Turning Chaos into Strategy and Strategy into Action

Lisa Friedman, Herman Gyr

ISBN: 978-0-787-91014-3 November 1997 Jossey-Bass 288 Pages


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Here, authors Lisa Friedman and Herman Gyr, internationallyrespected organizational change consultants, define the DynamicEnterprise as one whose people can look into the future, see thebig picture, and create the right changes.

Friedman and Gyr describe how the Dynamic Enterprise empowers itspeople to build clear, collaborative strategies and translate theminto action. And they present tools and strategies for makingcritical decisions in the midst of chaos, as well as for creatingan environment that enables people to effect coordinated change atevery organizational level.

This comprehensive guide presents a compelling, integrated changemodel--The Enterprise Development framework--that can be used witha wide range of change initiatives such as strategic businessplanning, organization, redesign, new technology integration,culture change, team building, and leadership development.

The Dynamic Enterprise offers common-sense models and specificguidance that leaders, managers, change agents, and otherstakeholders can use to move their companies forward. It giveseveryone in an organization the means to communicate effectivelywith one another, clarify their positions, and reach agreement onthe organization's current state and future direction. Using thisbook, people in business can redesign their work to create a futurethey all believe in.
PrefaceThe AuthorsPrologue: The Gift of Perspective
Part One: Facing Chaos
1. Exponential Change and the New Business Environment
2. Leveraging Chaos: The Dynamic Enterprise
Part Two: From Chaos to Strategy
3. An Overview of Enterprise Development
4. Seeing the Whole: The Enterprise as a Dynamic System
5. Creating a Shared Vision of the Future Enterprise
6. Understanding the Past, the Present, and the ChangeRequired
7. Understanding the Nature of Change: Business and OrganizationalLife Cycles
8. Mobilizing the Three Essential Drivers for Change
Part Three: From Strategy to Performance
9. Creating the Enterprise Development Workplan
"Compelling, thoughtful, and pragmatic, The Dynamic Enterpriseoffers a holistic and integrated approach to organizational change.A must read for any leader intent on building a successfulenterprise." --Ian Dean, director, Groman Consulting Group, SouthAfrica

"Thriving in our ever-changing world requires clear thinking and ateam focus. Friedman and Gyr provide tools based on practicalexperiences to help executives and change agents rise to thechallenge of creating organizations that are responsive to andcapitalize on change." --Wayne Moon, chairman and CEO, Blue Shieldof California

"The Dynamic Enterprise convinced me that everyone in the companyneeds a working knowledge of strategy and change?and that they canget it." --Cheryl Van, vice president, human resources, VisaInternational

"The Enterprise Development Framework explained in this book wasthe key tool we used in driving our company to the highest level oforganizational excellence so far attained in the corporation'sworldwide Signature of Quality Program. It is comprehensive yetsimple to use and will make a significant difference in anyorganization." --Godofredo R. Rodriguez, president and managingdirector, Johnson & Johnson, Philippines

"People are the drivers of today's competitive business advantages.Like never before, organizations need human resource leaders toformulate and communicate clear meaning and direction in a changingworkplace. The Dynamic Enterprise is a guide for turninguncertainty into strategic success." --Michael R. Losey, presidentand CEO, Society for Human Resource Management

"The Dynamic Enterprise is full of simple yet powerful tools forthriving and growing in today's global businessenvironment?particularly useful for those working on making afundamental strategic shift." --J. S. Leggate, business unitleader, Sector North Sea, British Petroleum Exploration