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The EVA Challenge: Implementing Value-Added Change in an Organization

The EVA Challenge: Implementing Value-Added Change in an Organization

Joel M. Stern, John S. Shiely, Irwin Ross

ISBN: 978-0-471-00841-5

Nov 2002

250 pages



The co-founder of EVA shows how to apply it in today's new economy

EVA-economic valued added-is a measure of the true financial performance of a company, and a strategy for creating corporate and shareholder wealth. It is also a method of changing corporate priorities and behavior throughout a company, right down to the "shop floor." In The EVA Challenge, the authors outline how to implement EVA-from training employees to answering the most frequently encountered implementation problems faced by companies.

This detailed "how-to" guide represents the second phase in the "EVA Revolution", showing executives around the world how to customize and implement EVA at their companies. Here, EVA converts learn how to work some "EVA magic" through company-specific initiatives and case study examples. Coverage includes completely new materials on "real options", leveraged stock options, and other concepts critical to corporations in both new and old economy industry sectors.

1. The Problem.

2. The Solution.

3. The Need for a Winning Strategy and Organization.

4. The Road Map to Value Creation.

5. The Changes Wrought by EVA.

6. Extendinge EVA to the Shop Floor.

7. Getting the Message Out: Training and Communications.

8. EVA and Acquisitions.

9. EVA Incentives.

10. How EVA Can Fail.

11. New Frontiers: Real Options and Forward-Looking EVA.

12. 25 Questions.

13. Recipe for Success.

Epilogue: EVA and the "New Economy," by Gregory V. Milano.