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The Earth Science Book: Activities for Kids

The Earth Science Book: Activities for Kids

Dinah Zike, Jessie J. Flores (Illustrator)

ISBN: 978-0-471-57166-7

Feb 1993, Jossey-Bass

128 pages

Select type: Paperback

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If you're looking for the most fun on Earth.
* Make your own fossils (pg. 39)
* Create a tsunami in your bathtub (pg. 45)
* Watch a volcano erupt (pg. 47)
* Follow the path of a mini-glacier (pg. 73)
No other book on Earth science is packed with so much fun. The Earth Science Book's pages overflow with dozens and dozens of enjoyable, educational, and easy-to-do activities that explain basic Earth science facts and important environmental issues. Using simple materials you can find around the house or in your neighborhood, these activities show you all about the planet Earth, its composition and atmosphere, life on Earth, and much more.
The Earth.


The Lithosphere.

The Hydrosphere.

The Atmosphere.

Life on Earth.

Our Changing Earth.