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The Ecogeomorphology of Tidal Marshes

The Ecogeomorphology of Tidal Marshes

Sergio Fagherazzi (Editor), Marco Marani (Editor), Linda K. Blum (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66511-4

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

268 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Coastal and Estuarine Studies, Volume 59.

Salt marshes are coastal wetlands frequently inundated by tides. Given their peculiar characteristics, salt marshes are colonized by salt-tolerant communities of plants (halophytes) adapted to saturated soil conditions. Vegetation has an important role not only in marsh ecology, but also for the hydrology and geomorphology of these environments. For example, the feedback between marsh elevation and vegetation is fundamental for the survival of salt marshes, particularly when endangered by climate change and sea-level rise. On the other hand, the morphology of salt marshes and the processes that form this peculiar landscape have a strong impact on the ecosystem's function and structure.

Sergio Fagherazzi, Marco Marani, Linda K. Blum  vii

1 Introduction: The Coupled Evolution of Geomorphological and Ecosystem Structures in Salt Marshes
S. Fagherazzi, M. Marani, and L. K. Blum  1

Ecogeomorphic Patterns and Structure in Salt Marshes

2 Salt-Marsh Vegetation and Morphology: Basic Physiology, Modelling and Remote Sensing Observations
Sonia Silvestri and Marco Marani  5

3 Remote Sensing of Tidal Networks and Their Relation to Vegetation
D.C. Mason and T. R. Scott  27

4 Belowground Production and Decomposition Along a Tidal Gradient in a Virginia Salt Marsh
Linda K. Blum and Robert R. Christian  47

5 Tidal Networks: Form and Function
Andrea Rinaldo, Enrica Belluco, Andrea D'Alpaos, Alessandra Feola, Stefano Lanzoni, and Marco Marani  75

Biophysical Sedimentary Processes

6 Effects of Low Tide Rainfall on Intertidal Zone Material Cycling
Raymond Torres, Miguel A. Goni, George Voulgaris, Charles R. Lovell, and James T. Morris 93

7 Salt Marsh Microbial Ecology: Microbes, Benthic Mats and Sediment Movement
Rebecca J. Aspden, Suzanne Vardy, and David M. Paterson  115

8 Vegetated Flow Dynamics
H. M. Nepf  137

Conceptual and Quantitative Modes Linking Ecology and Geomorphology of Tidal Marshes

9 Flow, Sedimentation, and Biomass Production on a Vegetated Salt Marsh in South Carolina: Toward a Predictive Model of Marsh Morphologic and Ecologic Evolution
Simon Marius Mud& Sergio Fagherazzi, James T. Morris, and David Jon Furbish  165

10 Geologic History and the Ergodic Principle: Foundations for Long-Term Ecological Research in Salt Marshes
Leonard Robert Gardner   189