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The Economics of Building: A Practical Guide for the Design Professional

The Economics of Building: A Practical Guide for the Design Professional

Robert E. Johnson

ISBN: 978-0-471-62201-7 August 1990 272 Pages


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Both an introduction to economic principles as they relate to building design and a practical guide to putting these principles to effective use. It brings together a variety of specialized topics relevant to building economics, including cost estimating, life cycle costing, cost indexes, capital budgeting, decision analysis, and real estate feasibility analysis. Develops these concepts within the framework of an integrated approach to design and management decision-making, simplifying where appropriate, but never at the expense of intellectual content. Incorporating a number of sample spreadsheet models, The Economics of Building is a practical resource and guide to the financial assessment of planning, design, and management decisions about buildings.

A Changing Context for Building Design and Management.

The Decision Process in a Changing Context.

Concepts of Value.


The Time Value of Money.

Economic Evaluation Approaches.

Depreciation and Taxes.

Inflation, Deflation, and Differential Escalation.

Cost Data.

Cost Indexes.


The Decision Analysis Approach.

Trade-Off Games.

Capital Planning and Budgeting.

Real Estate Feasibility Fundamentals.

Concept Cost Estimating.

Systems Cost Estimating.

Life-Cycle Costing.