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The Egyptians

The Egyptians

Barbara Watterson

ISBN: 978-0-631-18272-6

Apr 1997, Wiley-Blackwell

368 pages

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This is an account of the Egyptians from the first settlers in the Nile Valley through to the present day. Egypt has the longest, continuous, known history of any country in the world.

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List of Plates.

List of Maps.

Series Editor's Preface.


A Note on Transliteration.

The Egyptians: Table of Dates.


1. The Land and its People.

2. The Earliest Egyptians.

3. The Era of the Pyramid-builders.

4. The Imperial Age.

5. The Last Pharaohs.

6. Hellenistic Egypt.

7. Roman and Christian Egypt.

8. Islamic Egypt.

9. Modern Egypt.


General Index.

Index of Ancient Egyptian Terms.

"This book provides an excellent introduction to the land of ancientand modern Egypt ... Well written ... The author offers so much detail and excellent information on this fascinating culture that this book ought to be the textbook schools used to present Egypt to students." Francesca Jourdan
* Offers a wide-ranging overview of Egyptian peoples and their society from origins to the present.
* Interweaves political narrative with insights into economy and culture, stressing continuities as well as change.
* Charts internal development alongside external relations especially with other Arab countries and the West.