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The Emotionally Intelligent Nurse Leader



The Emotionally Intelligent Nurse Leader

Mae Taylor Moss

ISBN: 978-0-787-97615-6 October 2004 Jossey-Bass 350 Pages

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The Emotionally Intelligent Nurse Leader offers nursemanagers, health care leaders, and emerging leaders a useful guidefor identifying, using, and regulating their emotions (emotionalintelligence). As the author clearly demonstrates, harnessing thepower of emotional intelligence can transform the work environmentand the nursing profession as a whole. This important resourcecombines a strong theoretical base with illustrative case examplesand practical insights. Every day, nurse leaders must resolveconflict, form alliances, and coach others in a complicated healthcare environment. Each chapter in this book is designed to helpthese professionals identify, understand, and hone the skills ofemotional intelligence--skills that will bolster the nurseprofessional's ability to lead effectively. The EmotionallyIntelligent Nurse Leader explores how to invent an emotionallysensitive workplace culture, upend the hierarchy--makingleaders more responsive and line employees moreresponsible--and visualize and create an emotionallyintelligent workplace.

Preface ix

About the Author xi

Introduction xiii

PART ONE: Understanding Emotional Intelligence

1. An Age-Old, New Kind of Nursing Intelligence 3

2. Emotions in a Techno-Illogical Age 20

3. Emotional Intelligence and Leadership 42

PART TWO: Intelligently Creating, Sharing a Vision, and Setting an Example

4. Leaders Who Create 69

5. Leaders Who Share a Vision 93

6. Leaders Who Set an Example 119

PART THREE: Intelligent Transfer of Information

7. Downloading: Honing Emotional Intelligence 141

8. Uploading: Coaching Emotional Intelligence 163

9. Weathering a Crash: Conflict Resolution in the Health Care Environment 184

PART FOUR: Changing the Culture of Nursing and the Organization

10. Shaping the Work Environment and Culture 215

11. Rebuilding and Upending the Hierarchical Pyramid 238

12. The Future of Emotional Intelligence for Nursing Leadership 262

References 279

Name Index 299

Subject Index 307

"Nurse leaders with emotional intelligence are in high demandin today's environment. Mae Taylor Moss has drawn from herwide experience to create this exceptional resource forunderstanding the concepts and practical application of emotionalintelligence for nurses who want to succeed in their challengingroles."
--Marjorie Beyers, RN, PhD, FAAN, former executive director,American Organization of Nurse Executives

"Mae Taylor Moss brings together her firsthand knowledgeof the nursing profession and her considerable knowledge ofemotional intelligence. The result is a book that conveys bothscientific scholarship and practical wisdom for present and futurenurse leaders."
--John D. Mayer, professor of psychology, University of NewHampshire ¾Peter Salovey, Chris Argyris Professor ofPsychology; dean, Graduate School of Arts and Science, YaleUniversity