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The Encouraging the Heart Workbook, Revised

The Encouraging the Heart Workbook, Revised

ISBN: 978-0-470-87683-1

Nov 2010, Pfeiffer

120 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Getting things done in today's workplace is hard work. The climb to the top is demanding and long. Employees become exhausted, frustrated, and sometime entirely disenchanted. Often, they are tempted to simply give up. It's clear from the research conducted by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner over the last two decades that successful leaders find ways to combat these negative feelings by encouraging the hearts of their team members. They inspire others with courage and hope. This hands-on workbook helps leaders to do just that, whether in the workshop environment or on their own. Delving deep into the behaviors that make up this important practice, readers will gain a better understanding of how they can recognize contributions and celebrate the values and victories. The workbook guides readers through 7 essentials of encouraging the heart: set clear standards, expect the best, pay attention, personalize recognition, tell the story, celebrate together, and set the example. The 21-question self-assessment Encouragement Index is now sold seperately..

1 How to Use This Workbook.

2 The Seven Essentials of Encouraging the Heart.

3 Set Clear Standards.

4 Expect the Best.

5 Pay Attention.

6 Personalize Recognition.

7 Tell the Story.

8 Celebrate Together.

9 Set the Example.

10 Moving Forward.

Appendix: Ideas for Encouraging the Heart.



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