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The Encyclopedia of Empire, 4 Volume Set



The Encyclopedia of Empire, 4 Volume Set

John Mackenzie (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-44064-3 February 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 2816 Pages


Available online or as a four-volume print set, The Encyclopedia of Empire provides exceptional in-depth, comparative coverage of empires throughout human history and across the globe.

  • Features over 400 peer-reviewed entries, including both short definitional entries as well as discursive, essay-style articles on major topics and themes
  • Coverage includes individual empires, people, events and ideas that shaped the imperial experience as well as comparative themes such as environment, slavery, law, and weaponry
  • Reflects the recent resurgence of interest in this interdisciplinary and dynamic field of study, with newer approaches included alongside traditional topics
4 Volumes

Volume I

Lexicon vii

List of figures xxi

List of maps xxv

Editor-in-chief xxvii

Assistant editor xxix

Associate editors xxxi

Advisory board xxxiii

Notes on contributors xxxv

Preface lxxxi

Empires in world history: characteristics, concepts, and consequences lxxxiii

Maps cxi

Empire A–C 1–644

Volume II

Empire D–J 645–1232

Volume III

Empire K–R 1233–1842

Volume IV

Empire S-Z 1843–2302

Index 2303

"This work by editor in chief MacKenzie (emer., Lancaster Univ.), assisted by historians Dalziel (independent scholar), Doumanis (Univ. of New South Wales), and Charney (independent scholar), offers a very thorough iteration of a common theme for reference works—empire.  The project has an exhaustive list of contributors and an impressive advisory board to aid the editors." (Choice Connect 2016)