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The Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management, Volume 1: Short Entries



The Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management, Volume 1: Short Entries

Robert K. Prescott Ph. D., SPHR (Volume Editor), William J. Rothwell (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-18967-2 March 2012 Pfeiffer 512 Pages

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The three volumes in The Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management offer a comprehensive review of the essential issues and most important information available on the topic. Each volume in the encyclopedia contains contributions from some of the most celebrated names in the field of human resource management (HRM) and addresses the myriad challenges faced by today's human resource professionals.

Volume 1 puts the focus on the definition of terms and practices that are most relevant to today's human resource management (HRM) professionals. The contributors bring an up-to-date perspective of HRM definitions and practices and for ease of access, the terms are presented in alphabetical order. Each contributor includes the most recent research on a particular topic and summarizes a new and progressive definition of these important terms. The book begins with an enlightening discussion of the evolving practice of talent management and contains the following topics: Affirmative Action, Assessment, Business Ethics, Campus Recruitment, Career Development, Compensation, Drug Tests, Employee Relations, Flexible Benefits, Glass Ceiling, HR Metrics and Analytics, Mergers and Acquisitions, National Labor Relations Act, Quality Circles, Recruitment and Selection, Self-Directed Work Teams, Social Responsibility, Strategic Human Resource Management, Training Needs Analysis, Work Family Balance, and more.

The Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management gives human resource professionals the knowledge, information, and tools needed to implement the best practices in the field.

Introduction to Volume One xiii
Robert K. Prescott

1. The Evolving Practice of Talent Management 1
Brian E. Wilkerson

2. Multi-Rater (360-Degree) Feedback Instruments 7
Curtis D. Curry

3. Action Learning 13
Yongho Park

4. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) 17
Katy Lynn Wilson

5. Adverse Impact 24
Kyle E. Brink

6. Affirmative Action 30
Wanda M. Costen

7. Affirmative Action Plans 35
M. Edward Krow

8. Appreciative Inquiry 42
Michele L. Newhard

9. Assessment 50
Mimi Hull

10. Background Investigation 57
Toni Arnold

11. Behavior Modeling 62
Yeonsoo Kim

12. Employee Benefi ts 68
Dawn Denniston Peterson

13. Burnout 75
Michele L. Newhard

14. Business Ethics 83
Thomas J. Horvath

15. Campus Recruiting 90
Erin G. Howarth

16. Career Development 98
Judy Y. Sun, Greg G. Wang

17. Change Management 103
Greg G. Wang, Judy Y. Sun

18. Child and Elder Care 107
Danielle Tavernier Spears

19. Civil Rights Acts 112
Emily R. Wilkins

20. Civil Rights Act of 1991 118
John M. Bagyi, Wendy S. Becker

21. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) 123
Dawn M. Fleming

22. Collective Bargaining 127
William B. Werner

23. Comparable Worth 131
Wanda M. Costen

24. Compensation 136
Danielle Marie Bologna

25. Corporate University 143
Yongho Park

26. Crisis Management 147
Nellie J. Brown, Nancy J. Lampen

27. Corporate Social Responsibility 153
Philip H. Mirvis

28. Culture 160
Ken Hultman

29. Disciplinary Procedures 165
Wanda M. Costen

30. Drug Tests 169
Brandon Bruce Vargo

31. Employee Wellness Programs 174
Steven N. Waller, Lebron P. Moten

32. Employment-at-Will 180
Judith Kish Ruud, Wendy S. Becker

33. Employee Relations 186
Andrea Burns

34. Equal Pay Act of 1963 191
Emily R. Wilkins

35. Executive Compensation 197
Traci M. Pauley

36. Executive Education 203
Gerri Hura

37. Executive Order 11246 209
Deborah Kaplan-Wyckoff

38. Executive Search Firms 213
John D. Piccolo

39. Flexible Benefi ts 217
Maurie Caitlin Kelly

40. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 222
Deborah Kaplan-Wyckoff

41. Glass Ceilings 227
Yongho Park

42. Global Supply Chain Management for HR 231
Martin K. Starr

43. Global Teams 239
Tracy H. Porter, Sharon E. Norris

44. Grievance 243
William B. Werner

45. Guilds 247
Maurie Caitlan Kelly

46. HR Metrics and Analytics 252
Donald P. Rogers

47. Human Resources Compliance 258
Peter M. Wald, Marcus Winterfeldt

48. Human Resource Strategy 264
Laura A. Mindek

49. Mergers and Acquisitions 270
Jim Bowles

50. Human Resource Management 275
Donald P. Rogers

51. Internships 279
Jennifer Belinda DeSormoux

52. Job Analysis 284
Katy Lynn Wilson

53. Job Design 288
Sharon E. Norris, Tracy H. Porter

54. Job Satisfaction 292
Wanda M. Costen

55. Leadership Development 296
Robert K. Prescott, Keri Laine Williamson

56. Learning and Development 302
Karen L. Milheim

57. Leisure Counseling 305
Steven N. Waller

58. Loyalty 310
Andrea Burns

59. Merit Pay 314
Karen McMillen Dielmann

60. National Labor Relations Act 317
Cory Smith

61. National Labor Relations Board 321
William B. Werner

62. Negligent Hiring 324
David Washington

63. New Employee Orientation 327
Jim Bowles

64. Ombuds 331
John Dolan

65. Organizational Citizenship 336
Victoria Derderian

66. Outsourcing 341
Ashley Snyder

67. Pay Grades 346
Karen McMillen Dielmann

68. Performance Aids 348
Robert D. Jackson

69. Performance Management 353
D. Renee Tanner

70. Progressive Discipline 359
Wanda M. Costen

71. Project Management 363
Lynda Carter, Gerri Hura

72. Quality Circles 370
Eric Bergstrom

73. Recreation Programs 373
Steven N. Waller, Ni-Eric D. Perkins

74. Recruitment and Selection 379
Wanda M. Costen

75. Self-Directed Work Teams 388
Wendy S. Becker

76. Social Responsibility 395
Peggy B. Fayfich

77. Strategic Human Resource Management 403
Donald P. Rogers

78. Succession Planning and Management 410
Lori A. Johnson-Vegas, Kathleen E. Wolfhope

79. Training Needs Analysis 417
William J. Rothwell

80. Virtual Teams 421
Wendy L. Bedwell, Eduardo Salas

81. Work Values 426
Agata Dulnik

82. Work/Family Balance 432
Michele L. Newhard

83. Workplace Chaplaincy 443
Steven N. Waller

84. Wrongful Discharge 448
David Washington

Contributors 453

Subject Index 473

Name Index 487