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The End of American World Order, 2nd Edition

The End of American World Order, 2nd Edition

Amitav Acharya

ISBN: 978-1-509-51711-4

Mar 2018, Polity

224 pages



The age of Western hegemony is over. Whether or not America itself declines or thrives under President Trump's leadership, the post-war liberal international order underpinned by US military, economic and ideological primacy and supported by global institutions serving its power and purpose, is coming to an end. But what will take its place? A Chinese world order? A re-constituted form of American hegemony? A regionalized system of global cooperation, including major and emerging powers? 
In this updated and extended edition of his widely acclaimed book, Amitav Acharya offers an incisive answer to this fundamental question. While the US will remain a major force in world affairs, he argues that it has lost the ability to shape world order after its own interests and image. As a result, the US will be one of a number of anchors including emerging powers, regional forces, and a concert of the old and new powers shaping a new world order. Rejecting labels such as multipolar, apolar, or G-Zero, Acharya likens the emerging system to a multiplex theatre, offering a choice of plots (ideas), directors (power), and action (leadership) under one roof. Finally, he reflects on the policies that the US, emerging powers and regional actors must pursue to promote stability in this decentred but interdependent, multiplex world.
Written by a leading scholar of the international relations of the non-Western world, and rising above partisan punditry, this book represents a major contribution to debates over the post-American era.

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  • Contents
  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • 1 A Multiplex World
  • 2. The Rise and Fall of the Unipolar Moment
  • 3 The Myths of Liberal Hegemony
  • 4 Emerging Powers: The Hype of the Rest?
  • 5 Regional Worlds
  • 6 The Decline and Fall of the American World Order
1. Significant new material on the impact of Trump’s election on liberal international order, including US leadership, alliances, soft power and the rise of populism
2. Significant new material on China’s rising power, and its initiatives to seek greater leadership such as the Belt and the Road
3. Latest data on the decline US and the West and the rise of China and India
4. New material on the threat posed by non-state actors such as ISIS to US and global security
5. new section on the fracturing of global cooperation and the rise of new types of international and regional cooperation.
6. Discussion of the new face of globalization, led more by the East than the West
"Amitav Acharya is one of the first academics to grapple with the implications of the decline of US power. His work is essential to understanding the emerging new world order."
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

"Since the first edition of this was book published in 2014, events have only confirmed Acharya’s thesis. Along with Kishore Mahbubani and Fareed Zakaria, he is one of those rare writers on international affairs whose perspective is truly global. Acharya knows both the West's weaknesses and the strengths of the 'global South.' He has few equals as a guide to the new (in his phrase) 'multiplex world.'"
Niall Ferguson, Milbank Senior Fellow, the Hoover Institution, Stanford