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The Engine of America: The Secrets to Small Business Success From Entrepreneurs Who Have Made It!

The Engine of America: The Secrets to Small Business Success From Entrepreneurs Who Have Made It!

Hector V. Barreto

ISBN: 978-0-470-19646-5

Dec 2007

240 pages



Winning business strategies from CEOs of 50 successful small businesses (some of which are now large corporations) who share their experiences to help those starting or growing their own business

Small business is the engine that drives America's new economy. In The Engine of America, former administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA), Hector Barreto and veteran journalist Bob Wagman reveal the winning business strategies of CEOs from 50 companies. For all those starting or growing their own small business, the wisdom, experience, and counsel of these successful leaders provides inspirational and thoughtful advice on making it as an entrepreneur.

In this book, Barreto shares details of business success, and the insights he gained while administering the nation's largest small business loan, training, and counseling organization. Some of those sharing their stories in The Engine of America have grown their businesses from the most humble of beginnings into corporate giants whose brands are household names and whose operations are integral parts of the national economy. Others may not be instantly recognizable, but what they have in common is success.

Hector Barreto believes if you can teach a small business owner something he or she doesn't know, but which is critical to the growth of their small business or which allows them to avoid a critical mistake, you have helped put them on the road to success. That's what The Engine of America will do.

Hector V. Barreto (Los Angeles, CA) is the former five-year administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration where he directed a $60 billion support system for American entrepreneurs. He has lived and worked in all regions of the country, and is currently the Chairman of the Latino Coalition and a frequent speaker on small business topics. Robert Wagman (Washington, DC) is the former Capitol bureau chief for Scripps Howard's Newspaper Enterprise Association. He is also a former field producer for 60 Minutes, editor of the World Almanac on Politics, and author of many business and political nonfiction books.

Section One. Once Upon a Time.

Chapter One. My Life In and Around Small Businesses.

Section Two. The Principles of Success.

Chapter Two. Plan - Don't Just Wing It.

Chapter Three. You Must Know What You Don't Know.

Chapter Four. Challenge the Conventional Wisdom.

Chapter Five. No Guts, No Glory - Mistakes, Risk and Change.

Chapter Six. Seek an Edge by Finding Your Niche.

Chapter Seven. The Key is the People Around You.

Chapter Eight. Disaster Always Looms - Survive the Potholes.

Section Three. The Tools for Success.

Chapter Nine. Where to Get the Critical Answers and Help.

Chapter Ten. Government and Big Business Want to Help.

Chapter Eleven. Overcoming the Intimidation Hurdle.

Chapter Twelve. Demystifying Capital and Getting Financial Help.

Section Four. Summing Up.

Chapter Thirteen. The ABC's of Success.

Chapter Fourteen. You Can and Will Succeed.

Section Five. Appendix.

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