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The Engineering Design of Systems: Models and Methods, 3rd Edition

Dennis M. Buede, William D. Miller

ISBN: 978-1-119-02807-9 February 2016 584 Pages


New for the third edition, chapters on: Complete Exercise of the SE Process, System Science and Analytics and The Value of Systems Engineering

The book takes a model-based approach to key systems engineering design activities and introduces methods and models used in the real world. This book is divided into three major parts: (1) Introduction, Overview and Basic Knowledge, (2) Design and Integration Topics, (3) Supplemental Topics. The first part provides an introduction to the issues associated with the engineering of a system. The second part covers the critical material required to understand the major elements needed in the engineering design of any system: requirements, architectures (functional, physical, and allocated), interfaces, and qualification. The final part reviews methods for data, process, and behavior modeling, decision analysis, system science and analytics, and the value of systems engineering. Chapter 1 has been rewritten to integrate the new chapters and updates were made throughout the original chapters.

  • Provides an overview of modeling, modeling methods associated with SysML, and IDEF0
  • Includes a new Chapter 12 that provides a comprehensive review of the topics discussed in Chapters 6 through 11 via a simple system – an automated soda machine
  • Features a new Chapter 15 that reviews General System Theory, systems science, natural systems, cybernetics, systems thinking, quantitative characterization of systems, system dynamics, constraint theory, and Fermi problems and guesstimation
  • Includes a new Chapter 16 on the value of systems engineering with five primary value propositions: systems as a goal-seeking system, systems engineering as a communications interface, systems engineering to avert showstoppers, systems engineering to find and fix errors, and systems engineering as risk mitigation
The Engineering Design of Systems: Models and Methods, Third Edition is designed to be an introductory reference for professionals as well as a textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate students in systems engineering.

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Preface ix

About the Companion Website xv

Part 1 Introduction, Overview, and Basic Knowledge 1

Chapter 1 Introduction to Systems Engineering 3

Chapter 2 Overview of the Systems Engineering Design Process 46

Chapter 3 Modeling and SysML Modeling 68

Chapter 4 Discrete Mathematics: Sets, Relations, and Functions 100

Chapter 5 Graphs and Directed Graphs (Digraphs) 117

Part 2 Design and Integration 143

Chapter 6 Requirements and Defining the Design Problem 145

Chapter 7 Functional Architecture Development 202

Chapter 8 Physical Architecture Development 241

Chapter 9 Allocated Architecture Development 274

Chapter 10 Interface Design 307

Chapter 11 Integration and Qualification 327

Chapter 12 A Complete Exercise of the Systems Engineering Process 357

Part 3 Supplemental Topics 373

Chapter 13 Graphical Modeling Techniques 375

Chapter 14 Decision Analysis for Design Trades 398

Chapter 15 The Science and Analysis of Systems 445

Chapter 16 The Value of Systems Engineering 471

Appendix A: Outline of Systems Engineering Documents 489

Appendix B: IDEF0 Model of the Engineering of a System 493

Glossary 513

References 526

Historical References 540

Index 543