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The English Heritage: Volume II: Since 1689, 3rd Edition

The English Heritage: Volume II: Since 1689, 3rd Edition

Frederic A. Youngs Jr., Roger B. Manning, Henry L. Snyder, E. A. Reitan

ISBN: 978-0-882-95981-8

May 1999, Wiley-Blackwell

491 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The English Heritage, Third Edition, is a compact yet complete introduction to British history in two volumes. This comprehensive text reflects the authors' belief that a concise and accessible analysis best serves both the student and instructor.

With new material on Tudor, Elizabethan, and Stuart England, revisions throughout reflect the latest scholarship, giving more attention to women and social history. Volume One covers the earliest Britons to 1714, Volume Two covers 1689 to the Present.

Preface vii

Chapter Nine. Revolution and Succession, 1689-1714 171

Chapter Ten. Augustan England, 1714-1754 194

Chapter Eleven. Politics and Empire, 1754-1783 230

Chapter Twelve. The Revolutionary Age, 1783-1815 267

Chapter Thirteen. Conservatism and Reform, 1815-1850 299

Chapter Fourteen. Mid-Victorian Britain, 1850-1886 328

Chapter Fifteen. Democracy and Imperialism, 1886-1914 354

Chapter Sixteen. An Era of World Wars, 1914-1945 385

Chapter Seventeen. Recovery and Crises, 1945-1979 423

Chapter Eighteen. The Thatcher Revolution, 1979-1997 449

Appendix 475

Index 480

Maps 202, 208, 221, 273, 288, 339, 366, 394, 416