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The English

The English

Geoffrey Elton

ISBN: 978-0-631-19606-8 February 1995 Wiley-Blackwell 264 Pages


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A survey of the English experience through a thousand years and more, this book concentrates on the lasting characteristics of a people who early on discovered the fact of a national identity. The outstanding hallmarks of this experience were the existence of a strong central authority (in the monarchy), the provision of a system of law, and with these two the possibility of preserving individual rights and liberties in the face of a long sequence of historical vicissitudes.
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1. The Emergence of England.

2. Communitas Anglie.

3. The First English Empire.

4. From Cromwell to Cromwell.

5. The Long Eighteenth Century.

6. The Great Climacteric.

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"This book will surely be recognised as the best single-volume concise history of England - lively, authoritative, and yet personal and humane. Only Elton could have written it." Michael Clanchy

"This work is thoughtful, witty, and graceful in style, a marvel of compression ... Elton argues forcefully that the English formed, and were formed by, a unique reconciliation of individual freedom with monarchically supervised order. Like Joseph Strayer's on The Medieval Origins of the Modern State (1986), this splendid work is a brief distillation of a lifetime of thoughtful scholarship and deep reflection." Choice

"Anyone may enjoy this book." The Times

"A study that is both authoritative and individualistic, showing a full awareness but not a full acceptance of recent research." Teaching History

* The first single-volume history of England and the English since G. N. Clark's in 1971.
* Written by one of the world's best known and most distinguished historians.
* Illustrated by maps, plus a full chronology and family trees.
* Over 12000 sold in hardback.