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The Environmental Regulatory Dictionary, 4th Edition

The Environmental Regulatory Dictionary, 4th Edition

James J. King

ISBN: 978-0-471-70526-0

Jan 2005

507 pages

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Navigate your way through 40 CFR with this time-saving resource
The fourth edition of this popular reference provides definitions for more than 5,000 terms of the Environmental Protection Agency's Code of Federal Regulations Title 40 (40 CFR) to help readers better understand and follow these complex compliance regulations. Presented in alphabetical order for easy access, each term is defined using the exact wording found in 40 CFR, and every definition for a given term is included to ensure thoroughness.


Guide to Usage.

Definitions from the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Protection of Environment (40 CFR).

Appendix: Outline of 40 CFR.

About the Author.

"…of special interest to attorneys, consultants, compliance officers, and any person who must tackle the details of environmental regulations in American." (American Reference Books Annual, 2006)

"…the newest update of this useful reference work." (E-STREAMS, May 2005)

"...fills the need for a non-computer, reasonably prices, quick reference guide to the terminology and definitions of U.S. environmental regulations." (Quality Progress, June 2005)