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The Ernst & Young Guide to Total Cost Management



The Ernst & Young Guide to Total Cost Management


With the use of non-technical language it enables readers to understand the underlying dynamics of cost in order to facilitate effective decisions regarding products and services, workflows, capital investments and day-to-day monitoring of their business. Combining customer's needs and reactions with the financial awareness of a company's strengths and weaknesses, it ties into all current, major business concerns, including environmental awareness and international competitiveness. Features case studies, checklists and self-assessment techniques that will aid readers in initiating a total cost management program.

The New Business Environment Has Changed--and Cost Information Must Change with It.

Total Cost Management in a Nutshell.

The Role of TCM in Supporting Competitive Advantage.


The Whys and Hows of BPA.

Performing Process Value Analysis.

Using Process Value Analysis to Guide Improvement Efforts.

ABC--What It Is and Where It Came From.

Activity-Based Process Costing.

Activity-Based Object Costing.

Using ABC Information.

ABC Costing--a Tool-Kit.

Improving Performance Measures.

Decision Support.


Implementing TCM.