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The Essence of Logic Circuits, 2nd Edition

The Essence of Logic Circuits, 2nd Edition

Stephen H. Unger

ISBN: 978-0-780-31126-8 August 1996 Wiley-IEEE Press 352 Pages


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Today, designing a state-of-the-art circuit means knowing how to pack more and more logic on a chip. Featuring an extensive introductory material, this complete, carefully-organized guide brings you valuable information on designing modern logic circuits from gates, switches, and other basic elements to meet the rising demands on modern circuit technology. THE ESSENCE OF LOGIC CIRCUITS allows computer scientists and students to start from scratch and gain a comprehensive understanding of most important topics in the field.


Boolean Algebra Applied to Logic Circuits.

Designing Combinational Logic Circuits.

Combinational Logic Circuits in Regular Forms.

Symmetric and Iterative Circuits.

Sequential Logic Circuits.

Software Tools.

Postscript on Professionalism.

Appendix A1: Number Systems and Codes.

Appendix A2: Simple Electrical Circuits.

Appendix A3: MOS-Based Technologies.

Appendix A4: Bipolar Families.


Solutions to Selected Problems.