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The Essential Guide to Analytical Chemistry

Prof. Georg Schwedt

ISBN: 978-0-471-97412-3 October 1997 260 Pages


This mini-encyclopedia contains everything you need to know about analytical chemistry in a highly readable pocket-sized form. From sample preparation to detection, separation to continuous flow analysis, it lives up to its name as a truly essential guide for the practising analyst in chemistry and biochemistry. Its unique format with full color diagrams facing concise text makes it easy to dip into and find relevant information. The clear, schematic diagrams illustrate important procedures and instrumentation as well as presenting real examples of application by means of simple spectra. Key features of the book include:
* concise, comprehensive coverage of analytical procedures and applications
* clear full-color diagrams explaining text
* real examples to illustrate applications of procedures
'[This book], with its encompassing overview is an ideal concise reference book, definitely to be recommended for the analytical laboratory.' - Review of German Edition.

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This item: The Essential Guide to Analytical Chemistry

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Basic Principles.

Sample Preparation.

Detection Methods.

Chemical and Biochemical Methods.

Electrochemical Analytical Methods.

Thermal Analytical Methods.

Atomic Spectrometric Methods.

Molecular Spectroscopic Analytical Methods.

Separation Methods.

Automation of Analytical Procedures.

Special Fields of Application and Methods.


  • Unique format allows easy and rapid access to key information.
  • Clear full-color diagrams complement and explain the text in a manner in easily accessible for students.
  • The unique format and small size of this work make it make it perfect for reader use throughout their academic careers and beyond.