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The Essential Handbook of Social Anxiety for Clinicians

The Essential Handbook of Social Anxiety for Clinicians

W. Ray Crozier (Editor), Lynn E. Alden (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-02267-2 June 2005 356 Pages




Essentials of Social Anxiety is a shorter, revised paperback edition of The International Handbook of Social Anxiety, focusing on developmental and clinical perspectives. It is organized into two parts: The Development of Social Anxiety; and Clinical Perspectives and Interventions. Like the International Handbook, it covers research, assessment and treatment, giving clinical practitioners comprehensive coverage of the area and a single concise desk reference.
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Chapter 1. Constructs of Social Anxiety (W. Ray Crozier, and Lynn E. Alden).


Introduction The Development of Social Anxiety (W. Ray Crozier and Lynn E. Alden).

Chapter 2. Biological and Environmental Contributions to Childhood Shyness: A Diathesis-Stress Model (Louis A. Schmidt, Cindy P. Polak, and Andrea L. Spooner).

Chapter 3. Behavioral Inhibition: Physiological Correlates (Peter J. Marshall and Joan Stevenson-Hinde).

Chapter 4. Origins of the Self-Conscious Child (Michael Lewis).

Chapter 5.  Behavioral Inhibition, Social Withdrawal, and Parenting (Kim B. Burgess, Kenneth H. Rubin, Charissa S. L. Cheah, and Larry J. Nelson).


Introduction Social Anxiety as a Clinical Condition (Lynn E. Alden and W. Ray Crozier).

Chapter 6. Social Phobia in Children and Adolescents: Nature and Assessment (Ronald M. Rapee and Lynne Sweeney).

Chapter 7. Social Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: Psychological Treatments (Lynne Sweeney and Ronald M. Rapee).

Chapter 8. Interpersonal Perspectives on Social Phobia (Lynn E. Alden).

Chapter 9. A Cognitive Perspective on Social Phobia (David M. Clark ).

Chapter 10. Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, and Avoidant Personality (Thomas Widiger).

Chapter 11. Social Anxiety and Depression (Rick E. Ingram, Wiveka Ramel, Denise Chavira, and Christine Scher).

Chapter 12. Cognitive-Behavioral Group Treatment for Social Phobia (Meredith E. Coles, Trevor A. Hart, and Richard G. Heimberg).

Chapter 13. Psychopharmacological Treatments: An Overview (Sean D. Hood and David J. Nutt).

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"...An essential book for professionals working with anxiety due to the well-written, researched and scholarly chapters with many relevant references and a useful index." (International Journal of Adolescent Medical Health, Vol 17 (4), 2005)

" essential book for professionals working with anxiety, due to the well-written, researched and scholarly chapters..." (International Journal of Adolescence Med Health, vol 17, no.4, 2004)