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The European Union: The Annual Review 1998 / 1999

The European Union: The Annual Review 1998 / 1999

Geoffrey Edwards (Editor), Georg Wiessala (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21598-1

Jan 2000, Wiley-Blackwell

260 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The Annual Review, produced in association with the Journal of Common Market Studies, covers the key developments in the European Union and its Member States in 1998.
1. Editorial: Plus ça change...?: Geoffrey Edwards and Georg Wiessala (University of Cambridge and University of Central Lancashire, Preston).

2. Keynote article: Agenda 2000 - Packaging the Deal: David Galloway (Council of the European Union).

3. Governance and Institutions: A Transitional Year: Desmond Dinan (The Netherlands Institute of International Relations).

4. The British Presidency of 1998: Peter Anderson (University of Central Lancashire, Preston).

5. Small and New, but Nonetheless Competent: Austria and the EU Presidency: Kurt Richard Luther (Keele University).

6. Internal Policy Developments: John Redmond (University of Birmingham).

7. External Policy Developments: David Allen and Michael Smith (Loughborough University).

8. EU Enlargement: Developments in 1998: Chris Preston (British Know-How Fund for Poland).

9. Legal Developments: Nigel Foster (Cardiff University).

10. Development in the Economies of the European Union: Nigel Grimwade (South Bank University, London).

11. Justice and Home Affairs: Jöerg Monar (University of Leicester).

12. Developments in the Member States: Brigid Laffan (University College Dublin).

13: A Guide to the Documentation of the European Union: Ian Thomson (Cardiff University) and Janet Mather (The Manchester Metropolitan University).

14. Chronology of Key Events 1998: Georg Wiessala (University of Central Lancashire, Preston).

15. Books on European Integration: Brian Ardy and Jackie Gower (Thames Valley University).

  • The most up to date and comprehensive guide to events in the European Union
  • Includes a new 'Enlargement Update' as well as first-hand information about the state of the 'Pre-Accession Strategy' in regard to Eastern Europe
  • Includes a new annual overview on the two Presidencies falling into the year under review.