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The Executive Guide to Strategic Planning

The Executive Guide to Strategic Planning

Patrick J. Below, George L. Morrisey, Betty L. Acomb

ISBN: 978-1-555-42032-1

Feb 1987, Jossey-Bass

168 pages

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Offers a comprehensive approach to strategic planning: how to formulate strategic plans that will develop the company's strengths, be responsive to changing business conditions, and chart a productive and profitable company future. Provides numerous charts, worksheets, and other resources.
Tables and FiguresPrefaceThe Author
1. What is Strategic Planning
2. Gaining Organizational Commitment to Strategic Planning
3. Defining the Organization's Mission
4. Producing a Strategic Analysis
5. Formulating Strategy: Determining the Organization's Direction
6. Selecting and Validating Long-Term Objectives
7. Translating Ideas into Action Through Integrated Programs
8. Compiling and Presenting Financial Projections
9. Developing and Implementing Your Strategic Plan