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The Facilitator Excellence Handbook, 2nd Edition

The Facilitator Excellence Handbook, 2nd Edition

Fran Rees

ISBN: 978-0-787-97070-3 June 2005 Pfeiffer 420 Pages


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This is the thoroughly revised and updated edition of the best-selling The Facilitator Excellence Handbook. Written for both new and experienced facilitators, the second edition of The Facilitator Excellence Handbook offers a comprehensive guide for understanding the full range of skills, processes, and knowledge needed to become an effective facilitator.  The book addresses a variety of facilitation opportunities, challenges, and problems and also contains
  • A variety of verbal and nonverbal facilitation techniques
  • Step-by-step facilitation processes and tools
  • Information on how to facilitate conflict resolution in groups and how to facilitate difficult situations
  • Instructions for designing and leading group work
  • Examples of how various levels of facilitator competency are called for in different types of groups
  • Techniques for facilitating meetings, teams, virtual teams, and organization-wide projects
  • Discussions on the art of facilitating and what makes a great facilitator
Introduction: Getting the Most from This Resource.

PART 1: Overview of Facilitation.

Chapter 1: Facilitation in Organizations Today.

Chapter 2: Role of the Facilitator.

PART 2: Basic Facilitation Skills.

Chapter 3: Verbal Techniques: What to Say.

Chapter 4: Nonverbal Techniques: What to Do.

Chapter 5: Recording Techniques.

Chapter 6: Reading the Group.

Chapter 7: Facilitating Consensus.

PART 3: Facilitator Methods and Tools.

Chapter 8: Generating and Organizing Material.

Chapter 9: Ranking and Evaluating Material.

Chapter 10: Facilitating Difficult Situations.

Chapter 11: Facilitating Conflict Resolution.

PART 4: Designing Effective Facilitations.

Chapter 12: How to Design a Facilitation.

Chapter 13: Organizing and Enhancing Group Work.

Chapter 14: Opening and Closing Activities.

PART 5: The Facilitator in Action.

Chapter 15: Levels of Facilitator Competency.

Chapter 16: Facilitating Meetings.

Chapter 17: Facilitating Teams.

Chapter 18: Facilitating Virtual Teams.

Chapter 19: Facilitating Organization-Wide Projects.

PART 6: Facilitator Excellence.

Chapter 20: Managing Yourself.

Chapter 21: The Art of Facilitating.

Chapter 22: What Makes a Great Facilitator?

Resources for Facilitators.


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