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The Fathers Book: Being a Good Dad in the 21st Century

The Fathers Book: Being a Good Dad in the 21st Century

David Cohen

ISBN: 978-0-470-84935-4

Feb 2006

300 pages



What does being a dad in the 21st Century really mean?
Men today want to play an active role in the upbringing of their children; that means knowing how to cope with them, play with them, control them and love them.
Becoming a father however, can be an extremely daunting prospect, after all it is completely uncharted territory.
This wonderful book is not only for expectant and new fathers but covers the whole range of issues dads encounter from conception through to teenage traumas. Situations such as step-fatherhood and the changing relationship with partners are also discussed in a sensitive and informative style. The stresses imposed by modern lifestyles on fathers and kids are looked at as well as the problems and benefits encountered by the fact that kids today are often very sophisticated and clued-up.
Chapters include:
* I'm Going to be a Dad

* Bonding for Fathers

* Discipline

* Learning to Play Again

* Teenage Traumas
Written in a light-hearted yet informative style, and including numerous interviews with fathers themselves, this book reflects the latest thinking and theories on how to be a good father.
About the Author.



A history of fathers.

I'm going to be a Dad.

The growth of the mind.

Pretending, playing and lying.

Do as I say...

School and the mind.

You're not my real dad - stepfathers and part-time fathers.


Relationship carry-on.

The price of being a father.

Teenage traumas.

The dependency paradox.


Useful Addresses.

"a wonderful reference book for whenever you feel uncertain of your next step as a dad...Its funny, informative...." ( 28 November 2001)

"...peppered with personal anecdotes and other examples and is easy to read..." (Primary Times in Hampshire, November 2001)

"...humorously tackles the issues facing dads today." (New Baby, January 2002)

"An intelligent and witty book...should be reading for all dads.." 22 January 2002)

"..funny and informative book.." (Pregnancy February 2002)

"a mine of information.." (, 29 May 2002)

"...There's stacks of sound nipper-raising advice covering discipline, play, education and handling that trick Marilyn Manson phase." (Men's Health, April 2002)

"...This was a fun book to read..We recommend this book to both new and old fathers..." (Int Jnl of Adolescent Medical Health, Vol.14, No.2 2002)

"...One area in which the book is strong is quotations..." (Family Practice, Vol.19, No.4 2002) 

“…offers a well-informed guide on how to be a good dad in the 21st century…” (Stress News, April 2004)