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The First European Revolution: 970-1215



The First European Revolution: 970-1215

Robert I. Moore

ISBN: 978-0-631-22277-4 October 2000 Wiley-Blackwell 256 Pages


This book provides a radical reassessment of Europe from the late tenth to the early thirteenth centuries.
List of Maps and Figures.

Series Editor's Preface.



Part I: The Approach of the Millennium:.

1. Glad confident morning.

2. The Faithful People.

3. The Gifts of the Saints.

4. An Age of Miracles.

Part II: The Powerful and the Poor:.

5. The Urban Revolution.

6. The Crisis of the Carolingian Regime.

7. The End of Affluence.

8. The Shaping of an Agrarian Economy.

9. The Little Community.

Part III: Sex and the Social Order:.

10. Family, Land and Power.

11. Vying in Good Works.

12. Chastity, Property and Obedience.

13. Incest, Matrimony and Chivalry.

14. Brothers in Christ.

15. Apostacy and Betrayal.

Part IV: The Ruling Culture:.

16. The Highest Learning.

17. The Giant' s Shoulders.

18. New monarchy, new men.

19. Courts and Courtiers.

20. A Governing Passion.

21. Doubt, Hesitation and Pain.

Part V: Order Restored:.

22. Pious and Inflexible Severity.

23. The Pursuit of Monopoly.

24. The Community of the Faithful.

25. Exporting the Revolution.

26. The Europe of the New Regime.

Table od Dates.




"This is a remarkable book... it can function as a synthesis of the best studies for upper-division undergraduates or graduate students. It is so well researched and argued that even though it asks the reader to accept yet one more period as revolutionary, it is entirely convincing." History: Reviews of New Books <!--end-->

"A volume which is consistently intelligent and stimulating, not least because it draws on the insights of social anthropology and of other periods and places in history than its own ... it is the essence of a good book that it should open the reader's mind and sharpen his arguments. By that token this is assuredly a good book." Ecclesiastical History