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The First XI: Winning Organisations in Australia, 2nd Edition

The First XI: Winning Organisations in Australia, 2nd Edition

Graham Hubbard, Delyth Samuel, Graeme Cocks, Simon Heap

ISBN: 978-0-731-40561-9

Apr 2007, Wrightbooks

471 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The First XI identifies 11 of Australia's long-term top-preforming organisations and provides a comprehensive analysis of their winning framework. Taking its lead from the US bestseller Built to Last, The First XI  uncovers the common elements that set Australian winning organisations apart. It also looks at how winning is different in Australia.

Professor Graham Hubbard, Delyth Samuel, Graeme Cocks and Simon Heap, a team of respected business practitioners and academics, spent three years researching and analysing the organisations, following the rigorous methodologies used for Built to Last. Surveying 1000 CEOs and assessing identified organisations over a 20-year period using a variety of perspectives, they selected a final group of -long-term winning organisations - the First XI.

In this second edition the authors also take a look at what has happened to the First XI in the years since their original study ended to answer a number of burning questions:

  • Are the First XI still winning organisations?
  • What does the strategic cycle in Australian organisations look like?
  • What can you do to put your organisation on the path to being a winner?

The winning framework identified in this book provides managers with a rigorous, comprehensive, challenging, but practical framework to improve their own organisation practice and performance. Will your organisation be selected for this book in 10 years' time?

About the authors
1 'Winning' organisation in Australia: a journey not just an outcome
2 Effective execution
3 Perfect alignment
4 Adapt rapidly
5 Clear and fuzzy strategy
6 Leadership, not leaders
7 Looking out, looking in
8 Right people
9 Manage the downside
10 Balance everything
11 How does 'Australia' make it different?
12 Strategy over time: the strategic cycle in Australia
13 The First XI: where are they now?
14 Comparing our findings with other studies
15 Starting your organisation on a winning journey
Appendix A: winning organisation brief biographies
Appendix B: minor studies
Appendix C: winning organisations in Australia - selected survey questions