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The Foundations of Program Verification, 2nd Edition

The Foundations of Program Verification, 2nd Edition

Jacques Loeckx , Kurt Sieber

ISBN: 978-0-471-91282-8

Jan 1991

240 pages

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The Foundations of Program Verification Second Edition Jacques Loeckx and Kurt Sieber Fachbereich informatik Universität des Saariandes, Saarbrücken, Germany In collaboration with Ryan D. Stansifer Department of Computer Science Cornell University, USA This revised edition provides a precise mathematical background to several program verification techniques. It concentrates on those verification methods that have now become classic, such as the inductive assertions method of Floyd, the axiomatic method of Hoare, and Scott‘s fixpoint induction. The aim of the book is to present these different verification methods in a simple setting and to explain their mathematical background in particular the problems of correctness and completeness of the different methods are discussed in some detail and many helpful examples are included. Contents Authors’ Preface
  • Part A: Preliminaries
    1. Mathematical Preliminaries
    2. Predicate Logic
  • Part B: Semantics of Programming Languages
    1. Three Simple Programming Languages
    2. Fixpoints in Complete Partial Orders
    3. Denotational Semantics
  • Part C: Program Verification Methods
    1. Correctness of Programs
    2. The Classical Methods of Floyd
    3. The Axiomatic Method of Hoare
    4. Verification Methods Based on Denotational Semantics
    5. LCF A Logic for Computable Functions
  • Part D: Prospects
    1. An Overview of Further Developments
Bibliography Index Review of the First Edition ‘… one of the better books currently available which introduces program verification.’ G. Bunting, University College Cardiff University Computing

Mathematical Preliminaries.

Predicate Logic.


Three Simple Programming Languages.

Fixpoints in Complete Partial Orders.

Denotational Semantics.


Correctness of Programs.

The Classical Methods of Floyd.

The Axiomatic Method of Hoare.

Verfication Methods Based on Denotational Semantics.

LCF, A Logic for Computable Functions.


An Overview of Further Developments.