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The Four Vs of Leadership: Vision, Values, Value-added and Vitality

The Four Vs of Leadership: Vision, Values, Value-added and Vitality

Peter J. A. Shaw

ISBN: 978-1-841-12698-2

Aug 2006, Capstone

226 pages

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The Four Vs - Vision, Values, Value-added and Vitality – are the essential ingredients of effective leadership. They provide a framework for life and work that interrelates professional and personal priorities.

In The Four V’s of Leadership, experienced executive coach Peter Shaw leads you through difficult career and life situations using the four Vs, helping you to vision where you want to be, harness the values that drive you, release the value-added you bring to a role and grow your sources of vitality.

By working with this framework, your vision will become clearer. It might be a specific vision in terms of your work or your community. You will enable change to happen. Your values will be consistent across each aspect of your life. You will be looking at all your decisions in relation to your values. Your value-added will become clearer in each aspect of your life. You will not be daunted for long by setbacks but will develop the resilience to maintain your value-added whatever the pressures. You will move on from rigid definitions of work-life balance. You will find new sources of vitality and energy and use your time to influence others constructively. You will experiment with different ways of ensuring freshness and joy in your life.

Be ready to be challenged and inspired.

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Foreword by David Normington.

Chapter 1. The Journey Ahead.

Chapter 2. Vision.

Chapter 3. Values.

Chapter 4. Value-added.

Chapter 5. Vitality.

Chapter 6. Courage and Calmness.

Chapter 7. What is Success?

Chapter 8. Moving On.

Annex 1: An Individual in a New Role: An Illustrative Case Study.

Annex 2: A Team Deciding on Next Steps: An Illustrative Case Study.

Annex 3: Bibliography.


  • Coaches students in all walks of life through their own development and how to develop others.
  • Packed with examples and case studies from a broad range of leadership roles and situations representing different levels of leadership, different ages and stages of career development and different geographic and ethnic origins.
  • Based on extensive international research and many years coaching experience.
  • A highly effective coaching method with proven results in the public and private sectors.
  • Offers a framework that will sustain ambitious people through a demanding work environment.
  • Assists in the balancing of priorities both inside and outside the workplace.
  • Addresses difficult life situations such as how to cope if the student finds values are in conflict with those of the company or they have lost their vitality for their job.
  • Enables the student to think clearly and hard about their next development steps, by considering what values they can bring to a new role and how it fits in with their other priorities.
  • Facilitates focussed ambition.
"This is a management book with a difference; it acknowledges you might want a life outside work!" (PQ Magazine, September 2006)
"…punchy, clearly written, thought-provoking and optimistic read." (Public Service Magazine, September 2006)

"...helpful, down-to-earth and honest...its personal, anecdotal flavour makes for very easy leaders will find value in it." (Times Educational Supplement England, October 2006)

'I would place this book in the first division of works about leadership and coaching...' ( Training & Cocaching Today, November 2006)

“There is much to admire in the painstaking, accurate reportage of conversations and interviews and the detailed analysis, which produces some gems…”. (Manager, March 2007)

“Is it worth adding to my bulging management library? Definitely.”(Personnel Today, March 2007) 

"Shaw has a wealth of experience on which to draw…he identifies some essential principles of good leadership…I would recommend this book". (Edge, March 2007)

“…as I read, I found myself constantly reassessing my own hopes, fears and ambitions in a new role against his thought-provoking, but always optimistic, template.” (Credit Control, April 2007)