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The French Historical Revolution: Annales School 1929 - 1989

The French Historical Revolution: Annales School 1929 - 1989

Peter Burke

ISBN: 978-0-745-66576-4

Apr 2013, Polity

160 pages

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This book provides a critical history of the movement associated with the journal Annales, from its foundation in 1929 to the present. Burke argues that this movement has been the single most important force in the development of what is sometimes called the 'new history'.

Burke distinguishes three main generations in the development of the Annales School. The first generation included Lucien Febvre and Marc Bloch, who fought against the old historical establishment and founded the journal Annales. The second generation was dominated by Braudel, whose magnificent work on the Mediterranean has became a modern classic. The third generation includes well-known contemporary historians such as Duby, Le Goff and Le Roy Ladurie.

Wide-ranging and yet concise, this is an accessible examination of one of the most important historical movements of the twentieth century.


1. Overture: The Old Historiographical Regime and its Critics.

2. The Founders.

3. The Age of Braudel.

4. The Third Generation.

5. Epilogue: The Annales in Global Perspective.




* This is the only book to give an overall picture of the Annales movement from its beginnings to the present day. * The Annales School is arguably the most influential movement in History during the 20th Century. * Peter Burke is a well-known historian, and recognised world-wide as an authority on French historiography.