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The French Revolution: 1770-1814

The French Revolution: 1770-1814

Francois Furet

ISBN: 978-0-631-20299-8

Dec 1996

332 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This volume, comprising Part I of the authors classic work Revolutionary France 1770-1880, offers a vivid narrative and radical reinterpretation of the years surrounding the momentous events of 1789 and their aftermath. During this period there were not one, but two revolutions: by intent the first was egalitarian, the second- Bonapartes authoritarian. The tension between the two characterized the period and was to shape the Republic that eventually emerged from the ruins of the ancien regime.

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List of Illustrations.


1. The Ancien Régime.

2. The Revolution of 1789: 1787-1791.

3. The Jacobin Republic: 1791-1794.

4. The Thermidorian Republic: 1794-1799.

5. Napoleon Bonaparte: 1799-1814.

Appendix I: Chronological Table.

Appendix II: The Republican Calendar for Year II (1793-1794).



Index of Names.

Index of Subjects.

Reviews of the parent volume Revolutionary France 1770-1880:

"An outstanding work of synthesis and imagination." The Times

"This book is the best - and, especially, the best written - history of French politics during these years that I know. Conceived in the analytical tradition of Constant and Tocqueville, written in the narrative, learned, and convincing." Patrice Higonnet, Harvard University

* Offers concise, classic interpretation of the causes, course and outcome of the French Revolution.
* Written by the leading international historian of the period.
* Provides readers with a critical perspective on the historiography of the subject.