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The Future of Christianity

The Future of Christianity

Alister E. McGrath

ISBN: 978-0-631-22815-8

Feb 2002, Wiley-Blackwell

184 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Christianity is the world's largest religious grouping. It has undergone massive change in the twentieth century, and seems poised to undergo major transformations in the next. In this important and timely book, one of Christianity's most prolific and respected writers examines these changes, and their implications for the future.

1. The Twentieth Century: Challenges and Failures in the West.

Catastrophe: The Armenian Genocide.

Stalinism: The Enforcement of Atheism.

The Nazi Crisis: The Failure of "Culture Protestantism".

The 1960s: A Crisis of Confidence.

2. The Transformation of Religion: The Reshaping of Christianity.

Globalization of Christianity.

Decline in Western Europe.

The Remarkable Case of Korea.

Resurgence in Africa.

Transformation in Latin America.

3. New Ways of Being Church: Trends for the Future in the West.

The Death of the Western Denomination?.

The Marketing of Christianity.

The McDonaldization of Christianity.

The Community Church.

Willow Creek.

The Cell Church.

A Community in Exile.

4. Challenges: Some Future Issues.

The Threat of Fundamentalism.

The New Faultlines: Islam and Christianity.

The Future of Ecumenism.

The Language of the Faith.

5. The Christianity of the Future: A Tentative Overview.

Is there a future for Protestant denominations in the west?.

Roman Catholicism.



Eastern Orthodoxy.

6. The Two Nations: The Disillusionment with Academic Theology.

A Case in Point: Biblical Studies.

The Marginalization of Theology.

The Longing for Spiritual Authenticity.

"Academic" Theology is Western Theology.

A Strategy for Recovery: The Organic Intellectual.

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