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The GP Training Handbook, 3rd Edition

The GP Training Handbook, 3rd Edition

Michael Hall (Editor), Declan Dwyer (Editor), Tony Lewis (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-632-05039-0

May 1999, Wiley-Blackwell

304 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Provides the GP trainee and trainer with a practical guide to making the best use of the vocational training programme.
This new edition has been completely revised to reflect the most recent changes to GP training and assessment. It sets out a practical framework within which trainees and trainers can work to ensure that trainees are as prepared as possible, not only for their MRCGP or Summative Assessments, but also for their whole careers in general practice.
1. Getting started;.

2. Hospital Training;.

3. Practice Experience;.

4. The One-to-One Tutorial;.

5. Consultation Skills;.

6. The Vocational Training Scheme Course;.

7. Preparing for summative assessment;.

8. The MRCGP;.

9. Evidence-Based Practice in Primary Care;.

10. Audits, Projects and Research;.

11. The Practice as a Small Business within the NHS;.

12. The Trainer;.

13. Becoming a Trainer;.

14. Reading and Writing;.

15. Practice Systems;.

16. Continuing your education;.

Appendices I Directors and Deans of postgraduate GP education (Regional Advisers);.


"A copy of this book is a necessity for any general practitioner who is involved in, or thinking of becoming involved in, general practice training."
Irish Medical Times

"...this is a practical book which will allow trainers and trainees to get the best out of vocational training...a refreshingly direct, pragmatic and useful book."
Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners

"This eminently practical handbook is strongly recommended to all those interested in vocational training for general practice."
The Physician

* written and edited by some of the most highly respected educationalists in UK general practice * the only book designed to be used by both GP registrar and trainer * introduces the reader to preparation for his or her summative assessment and/or MRCGP exam * can be used as a basis for both formal and informal teaching in tutorials * aims to develop core skills required by today's GP such as evidence-based practice and audit