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The German Reformation: The Essential Readings



The German Reformation: The Essential Readings

C. Scott Dixon (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20811-2 January 1991 Wiley-Blackwell 300 Pages


This book provides key essays on the most recent interpretations of the German Reformation movement.

1. Introduction: Narratives of the German Reformation: C. Scott Dixon.

2. What was Preached in German Towns in the Early Reformation?: Bernd Moeller.

3. What was the Reformation Doctrine of Justification?: Berndt Hamm.

4. The Reformation of the Common Man, 1521-1542: Thomas A. Brady Jr.

5. Reformation and the Communal Spirit: Peter Blickle.

6. The Reformation and the Modern Age, an attempt: Richard Van Dulman.

7. Forced Confessionalization? Prolegomena for a Theory of the Confessional Age: Wolfgang Reinhard.

8. Success and Failure in the German Reformation: Gerald Strauss.

9. The Reformation, Popular Magic and the Disenchantment of the World: Robert W. Scribner.


"A collection which is likely to become a standard point of reference in years to come." German History <!--end-->

"These are truly "essential" readings for the study of the German Reformation and early modern Europe in general ...This book is an excellent introduction to the study of the German Reformation." Sixteenth Century Journal

"Dixon's book ... offers its readers a fine balance of work on both ... the Reformation as a theological event and the Reformation as a social/ cultural/ political event. This volume is a very helpful and useful text for those teaching or studying the subject." Westminster Theological Journal

"Dixon has brought together and, in his commentary, illuminated the significance of eight pieces revealing some of the most important documents in recent scholarship on the relation of the Reformation to society. The work is a resounding success." Protestantismus

"... it would be hard to imagine a more readable and informative collection of new work on the German Reformation." German Studies Review

* Provides a concise collection of key articles on a popular topic of European history.
* Includes five articles translated into English for the first time.
* Provides clear editorial introduction and a critical framework for study.