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The Gift in Antiquity

The Gift in Antiquity

Michael Satlow (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-51790-1 February 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 272 Pages




The Gift in Antiquity presents a collection of 14 original essays that apply French sociologist Marcel Mauss’s notion of gift-giving to the study of antiquity.

•  Features a collection of original essays that cover such wide-ranging topics as vows in the Hebrew Bible; ancient Greek wedding gifts; Hellenistic civic practices; Latin literature; Roman and Jewish burial practices; and Jewish and Christian religious gifts
•  Organizes essays around theoretical concerns rather than chronologically
•  Generates unique insights into gift-giving and reciprocity in antiquity  
•  Takes an explicitly cross-cultural approach to the study of ancient history

Notes on Contributors vii

Series Editor’s Preface x

Preface xii

1 Introduction 1
Michael L. Satlow

2 Ceremonial Gift-Giving: The Lessons of Anthropology from Mauss and Beyond 12
Marcel Hénaff

3 Alms, Blessings, Offerings: The Repertoire of Christian Gifts in Early Byzantium 25
Daniel F. Caner

4 Gift-Giving and Power Relationships in Greek Social Praxis and Public Discourse 45
Marc Domingo Gygax

5 Fictive Giftship and Fictive Friendship in Greco-Roman Society 61
Zeba Crook

6 Ovid Negotiates with His Mistress: Roman Reciprocity from Public to Private 77
Neil Coffee

7 “Can’t Buy Me Love”: The Economy of Gifts in Amorous Relations 96
David Konstan

8 Without Patronage: Fetishization, Representation, and the Circulation of Gift-Texts in the Late Roman Republic 107
Sarah Culpepper Stroup

9 Roses and Violets for the Ancestors: Gifts to the Dead and Ancient Roman Forms of Social Exchange 122
Nicola Denzey Lewis

10 Graffiti as Gift: Mortuary and Devotional Graffiti in the Late Ancient Levant 137
Karen B. Stern

11 Marriage Gifts in Ancient Greece 158
Beate Wagner-Hasel

12 Charity Wounds: Gifts to the Poor in Early Rabbinic Judaism 173
Gregg E. Gardner

13 Barter Deal or Friend-Making Gift? A Reconsideration of the Conditional Vow in the Hebrew Bible 189
Anne Katrine Gudme

14 Neither Mauss, nor Veyne: Peter Brown’s Interpretative Path to the Gift 202
Ilana F. Silber

15 Gifts for God, Gifts for Rabbis: From Sacrifice to Donation in Rabbinic Tales of Late Antiquity and Their Dialogue with Early Christian Texts 221
Galit Hasan-Rokem

Index of Subjects and Names 245

Index of Ancient Sources 253