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The Global Consultant: How to Make Seven Figures Across Borders

The Global Consultant: How to Make Seven Figures Across Borders

Alan Weiss, Omar Khan

ISBN: 978-0-470-82386-6

Dec 2008

240 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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In a true "flat earth" there are no borders or impediments to importing and exporting knowledge. Such knowledge transfer, if recorded, would more than offset the current US trade deficit and balance of trade figures. The audience for this book is primarily solo or small-practice consultants (and those considering independent consulting) who seek the wealth, experience, and gratification of consulting internationally. Both "on the ground" and remote techniques are addressed, so the peripatetic and the home-anchored can achieve significant new goals, adventures and growth-experiences.
I. The Worldview
1. Why Go Global
Because it's as easy to consult in Kuala  Lumpur as it is in Kansas
o The earth isn't flat, it's right here
o We are more alike than apart
o Harsh truth: American English, American dollar, American knowledge
o Capitalism compels collaboration

2. Projecting Expertise and Building Relationships
How to be nearby from 8,000 miles away
o The trick to projecting expertise: first get the right type
o Breaking in is relatively easy to do
o Once you've formed the relationships, keep connecting
o Amplifying the impact of your brand and presence: adapting to local need

3. Creating International Presence
Alliances and the appeal of the knowledge exporter
o What Drucker said
o The local alliance
o Physical presence
o The local, formal office

II The Itinerary
4. Prerequisites for Success: Material
Creating your own time machine
o Staying on top of your game
o You don't have to be a pack animal
o When things go "bump" in the night
o There's feeling good and looking good

5. Prerequisites for Success: Personal
Educating yourself
o Education basics: before advising others, let's teach ourselves how to get things done
o Educating yourself for success: understanding countries and people
o Educating yourself for life: lifelong learning
o Educating habits: global credibility

6. Prerequisites for Success: New Paradigms
Creating global value
o Creating new value
o Make sure you know what you've got
o To make a global impact, build momentum
o Decide how you want to deliver value
o Make it easy

Great, not so great, odd, and bewildering aspects of life on the road
o Omar
o Alan

III The Journey
7. Applying Value-Based Pricing
Your time is not the issue and had better not be
o The philosophy of value based fees
o The fundamentals of value based pricing
o Overcoming objections and creating converts
o Using value based pricing internationally

8. Adding Value Across Cultural Distinctions
What you shouldn't adapt is as important as what you should
o Experience it yourself
o Be attuned to where and with whom you are interacting
o Celebrating together
o Reasons to ignore cultural variance

IV. Distinctive Places and Sites
9. Getting Paid
How not to accept 18 gross of native straw baskets (a true story)
o Round up the usual suspects (normal obstacles)
o Terms of endearment (how to grease the skids)
o Expenses are expensive
o The express lane

10. The Software for Global Consulting
How to make the continuing sale to yourself
o Making the ongoing sale: self-esteem
o Enthusiasm for the ongoing sale: pick your friends
o Opportunities for the ongoing sale: pick your clients
o Calibrating the ongoing sale: choose your feedback
o Progress is what matters

11. Life Balance
Enjoying the challenge with family, friends, and colleagues
o Time balance
o Family and emotional balance
o Mental balance
o Energy balance
o Making a life

A. Best Ways to Travel
o Planes
o Trains
o Water Travel
o Other Note-Worthy Travel Modes

B. Our Favorite Hotels and Restaurants in Our Favorite Cities
o New York   
o London
o Paris
o Istanbul
o Dubai
o Bangkok
o Hong Kong
o Shanghai
o Tokyo
o Australia
o And elsewhere

C. Vacation Glory
o Omar
o Alan