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The Global Information Society

The Global Information Society

Wendy Currie

ISBN: 978-0-470-86054-0

Nov 2000

288 pages

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The Global Information Society Wendy Currie The last few decades have witnessed profound changes in the structure, culture, management and technology of organisations. Just as information technology offers both opportunities and threats to organisations, the Internet and its potential for electronic commerce poses fresh challenges. So far, much 'hype' surrounds the subject of electronic commerce, and its possibilities for leveraging business advantage. Whilst governments on both sides of the Atlantic urge companies to invest in Internet technology and develop e-business, past lessons from IT investment have often been disappointing. Likewise, the rapid growth of IT outsourcing in the 1980s and 1990s produced mixed results. Whereas some companies successfully reduced costs and improved their performance through outsourcing, others were permanently damaged as management failed to address important issues relating to the IT strategy and infrastructure. The Global Information Society addresses the phenomenon of the global information society in the context of market, technology, management practice, capabilities and skills, and the role of government. Designed for academics, practitioners and students, this book does not offer simple solutions to complex business problems. Instead, it critically evaluates models, frameworks, debates and observations relating to these five key themes within the global information society.

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