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The Golden State: California History and Government, 4th Edition



The Golden State: California History and Government, 4th Edition

Andrew Rolle, John S. Gaines

ISBN: 978-0-882-95954-2 January 2000 Wiley-Blackwell 262 Pages


Thirty-five years after its initial publication, The Golden State remains a balanced, multicultural, and interpretative history, the ideal text for students of California history at the high school and community college level.

With due attention to the many peoples who make California the most ethnically diverse state in the nation as well as the daunting environmental realities that challenge the resolve of all who call the Golden State home, the informative and enjoyable narrative features expanded coverage of such topics as women, water issues, ethnic relations, crime, sports, culture, and politics in the twentieth century.

A crucial feature of this affordable, beautifully illustrated, and durable hardcover volume remains a chapter on state, county, and city government, detailing the responsibilities of state officers and the organization of the state legislature and court system. The elements of direct democracy-referendum, recall, and initiative-and the legislative process also are explained in direct yet lively fashion.

Illustrations, Maps and Tables vii

Preface to the Fourth Edition ix

1. The Land and Its Native People 1

2. European Discovery and Colonization 24

3. Settlement of Hispanic California 41

4. Americanizing California 59

5. Erasing the Frontier 81

6. East Meets West 101

7. “The Desert Shall Blossom Like a Rose” 121

8. California as Symbol and Myth 144

9. Governing California: From Warren to Davis 165

10. Government: State, County, and City 182

11. Pluralism, Politics, and Population 204

12. “All That Glitters”: Society and Culture 226

Appendix: The Governors of California 248

California Chronology 252

Index 254

Praise for the third edition:

"The Golden State is comprehensive on that which is significant, exceptionally well written, accurate, concise, balanced, and destined to be even more popular with secondary students than its two earlier editions." (California History)