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The Graphic Designer's Guide to Portfolio Design, 3rd Edition

Debbie Rose Myers

ISBN: 978-1-118-42814-6 October 2013 336 Pages


Landing a job in graphic design or multimedia starts with the creation of a portfolio that showcases a student's best work. With sample portfolios, interviews with leaders in graphic design and advertising industries, and step-by-step instruction for creating professional print and digital portfolios, this book helps students successfully transition from design student to design professional. Now fully updated, it is the only guide to creating job-winning print-based and digital portfolios specifically for graphic designers.

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Preface vii

Acknowledgments  x

1 The Portfolio Process—Start to Finish  1

2 Planning Your Portfolio  15

3 The Traditional Portfolio:  31

The Résumé, Cover Letter, and Business Card

4 The Traditional Portfolio: 55

Design and Art Projects

5 The Digital Portfolio:  83

CD-ROMs, DVDs, and Web Sites

6 The Digital Portfolio:  111

Technical Elements

7 The Design Phase  129

8 Working with Type  151

9 Maneuvering around Your Site:  171


10 The Web-Based Portfolio:  187

Web Page Design

11 The Web-Based Portfolio:  211

Technical Elements

12 Multimedia and Your Interface  229

13 Designer Checklists  253

14 Using Social Media to Land a Great Job  265

15 Taking Interviews and Presenting 285

Your Portfolio

Glossary 309

Bibliography  320

Index  321