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The Graphic Standards Guide to Architectural Finishes: Using MASTERSPEC to Evaluate, Select, and Specify Materials

The Graphic Standards Guide to Architectural Finishes: Using MASTERSPEC to Evaluate, Select, and Specify Materials

ARCOM, The American Institute of Architects, Elena M. S. Garrison (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-44952-2 March 2003 288 Pages




From ARCOM and The American Institute of Architects

A complete visual guide to choosing and using finish materials

In this unique guide, the authors of MASTERSPEC and Architectural Graphic Standards join forces to offer architects vital single-source access to the unbiased information they need to evaluate, select, and specify the best finish materials for any job.

This powerful visual resource combines hundreds of illustrations from Architectural Graphic Standards with corresponding building material performance and specification information from AIA's MASTERSPEC, published by ARCOM. Use this book during the schematic and design development phases of a project and as an indispensable aid for product selection and specification.

Essential for architects, interior designers, and building designers, this vital reference provides information to make informed decisions about specific design goals, such as affordability, environmental friendliness, durability, fire resistance, and esthetic success. Features include:
* Unique source of independent, in-depth building product performance information-the one source that gives you reliable building product information before you consult with manufacturers
* Covers a full range of standard finish materials and includes selection criteria, details, typical product sizes, and installation and maintenance data
* Provides current standards based on research by government, association, and independent testing organizations as well as the input of experienced architects and specifiers

"Architectural Graphic Standards has served the design community for decades as a virtual 'bible' for architectural detailing. MASTERSPEC Evaluations have long comprised one of the best resources available for building product selection and specification. Consolidating the strong points of both into this new desktop reference is an act of sheer brilliance!"
-Martin M. Bloomenthal, FAIA, CCS, CSI, Principal, The Hillier Group, Princeton, New Jersey

Metal Stairs.


Interior Architectural Woodwork.



Steel Doors and Frames.

Flush Wood Doors.

Stile and Rail Wood Doors.

Access Doors and Frames.

Folding Doors.

Door Hardware.


Gypsum Plaster.

Gypsum Vaneer Plaster.

Portland Cement Plaster.

Factory-Finished Gypsum Board.

Gypsum Board Assemblies.

Gypsum Board Shaft-Wall Assemblies.

Glass-Reinforced Gypsum Fabrications.

Ceramic Tile.

Dimension Stone Tile.


Acoustical Panel Ceilings.

Acoustical Tile Ceilings.

Acoustical Snap-In Metal Pan Ceilings.

Acoustical Metal Pan Ceilings.

Linear Metal Ceilings.

Security Ceiling Systems.

Suspended Decorative Grids.

Fluid-Applied Athletic Flooring.

Resilient Athletic Flooring.

Brick Flooring.

Chemical-Resistant Brick Flooring.

Stone Paving and Flooring.

Wood Flooring.

Wood Athletic-Flooring Assemblies.

Resilient Floor Tile.

Sheet Vinyl Floor Coverings.

Resilient Wall Base and Accessories.

Linoleum Floor Coverings.

Static-Control Resilient Floor Coverings.

Resinous Flooring.


Carpet Tile.

Wall Coverings.

Wood-Veneer Wall Coverings.

Interior Stone Facing.

Fabric-Wrapped Panels.

Stretched-Fabric Wall Systems.

Acoustical Wall Panels.


Exterior Wood Stains.

Multicolored Interior Coatings.

High-Performance Coatings.

Elastomeric Coatings.

Intumescent Paints.

High-Temperature-Resistant Coatings.

Cementitious Coatings.

Illustration Acknowledgements.