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The Great Formula: for Creating Maximum Profit with Minimal Effort



The Great Formula: for Creating Maximum Profit with Minimal Effort

Mark Joyner

ISBN: 978-0-471-77823-3 April 2006 256 Pages



"This book reminds me of Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity-a stunningly simple idea that changed the course of history. I've seen The Great Formula create millionaires with surprising speed. It's an exact recipe to turn a marginal business into a successful one."
—David Garfinkel, author, Customers on Demand

"Mark Joyner has once again succeeded at coming up with an entertaining and educational marketing masterpiece."
—Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian, infopreneur and heart surgeon

"With all the fancy buzzwords used to describe how to achieve success, here is a commonsense formula that cuts through the chatter and goes straight to the heart of what really works. This is truly a new perspective."
—Joseph Sugarman, Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation

"Save yourself a couple hundred thousand dollars on that degree. Clear out your bookcase. The MBA curriculum for this generation is The Irresistible Offer and The Great Formula."
—Lou D'Alo, PowerUp! Coaching and Consulting

Chapter 1. Introduction: Hx2+O.

Chapter 2. "I Get 1,000 Channels of TV and Most of It's Crap".

Chapter 3. Chunking.

Chapter 4. The Great Chunkula.

Chapter 5. The Great Formula.

Chapter 6. Why The Great Formula Works.

Chapter 7. The Great Formula Step 1: Create The Irresistible Offer.

Chapter 8. The Great Formula Step 2: Present it to a Thirsty Crowd.

Chapter 9. The Great Formula Step 3: Sell Them a 2nd Glass.

Chapter 10. In Search of the Thirsty Crowd.

Chapter 11. 2nd Glass Tactics.

Chapter 12. The Great Formula in History.

Chapter 13. Mad Scientists Using The Great Formula.