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The Guattari Reader

Gary Genosko (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-19707-2 August 1996 Wiley-Blackwell 292 Pages


This book makes available the broad canvas of Guattari's formidable theoretical and activist writings to provide an indispensable companion to the existing literature.


1. The Vicissitudes of Therapy.

2. From Schizo Bypasses to Postmodern Impasses.

3. A Discursive Interlude.

4. Polysemiosis.

5. Queer/Subjectivities.

6. Red and Green Micropolitical Ecologies.

A Select Bibliography of Works by Guattari.


"This fine collection redirects our attention to Félix Guattari’s astonishing achievement. It will be a key document for those who want to grasp the compelling but mobile alliance of psychiatry, philosophy and politics with which Guattari continuously revolutionalized critical theory and clinical practice for over twenty-five years. To read it is to be haunted by one of the most challenging and yet sympathetic sensibilities of our time." – Mark Wigley, Princeton University
* A complement to existing literature, bringing together variety previously untranslated material.
* Broad disciplinary appeal.
* Covers a broader canvas than any existing book.
* Charting both Guattaris writing with Deleuze as well as his own solo career.