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The Gypsies, 2nd Edition

Angus Fraser

ISBN: 978-0-631-19605-1 February 1995 Wiley-Blackwell 374 Pages


Since their unexplained appearance in Europe over nine centuries ago, the Gypsies have refused to fall in with conventional settled life. They remain a people whose culture and customs are beset with misunderstanding, and who cling to their distinct identity in the teeth of persistent rejection and pressure to conform. This book describes their history.
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1. Origins.

2. Early Migrations.

3. Into the Byzantine Empire and the Balkans.

4. The Great Trick.

5. The Turn of the Tide.

6. Pressure of the Gyves.

7. Forces for Change.

8. The Approach to Avernus.

9. Modern Times.



"The best general book on the Gypsies." Choice.

"This is an important book. Anyone interested in Roma in this country or elsewhere should read it." Traveller.

"Everyone has an opinion on Gypsies, and no one knows any. The opinions are almost always bad. Unfortunately, there's more published information available on the Martians than on Gypsies. Into the breach comes Angus Fraser with an accessible, well-informed introduction." Voice Literary Review.

"A particularly fascinating study, not least because of the author's precise and engaging use of the English language ... An absolutely essential foundation for embarking on this rapidly growing field." Contemporary Sociology.

"An important and welcomed contribution to the study of Gypsies." Man: The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

  • Written by the world authority on the subject and based on 35 years research.

  • Illustrated with maps, and numerous paintings and photographs.

  • Shows how the gypsies survived six centuries of continuous persecution in Europe, including Nazi plans for genocide by which perhaps 500,000 died.

  • Over 3000 sold in hardback.