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The Handbook for Divorce Valuations



The Handbook for Divorce Valuations

Robert E. Kleeman, R. James Alerding, Benjamin D. Miller

ISBN: 978-0-471-29966-0 September 1999 264 Pages


A complete, compact guide to business valuation in divorcelitigation

The Handbook for Divorce Valuations is a comprehensive, practicalhandbook that covers every aspect of the CPA's role in divorceproceedings. It offers clear and detailed coverage of everythingfrom the impact of state law on the practice to the applicabilityof various valuation methodologies, from establishing valuationcredentials to marketing the divorce practice in a highlycompetitive environment.

The authors, who have a combined total of more than 50 years'experience in divorce practice, lead the reader through each stepof a divorce engagement. They recommend the most practical andefficient methods of addressing each issue and point out hazardsand potential difficulties along the way. They also explain why andhow business valuation in divorce practice differs from valuationin other situations, and they examine the intricacies of datacollection and analysis, finding and using industry and comparablecompany information, discounts and premiums, preparing fordepositions and trials, and much more.

For any CPA who works, or is considering working, on family lawmatters, The Handbook for Divorce Valuations is an incomparableresource that helps practitioners provide the highest level ofservice to their clients.

A CPA who accepts a business valuation engagement in a family lawsetting embarks on a unique mission. In most states, businessvaluations linked to divorce proceedings are governed by differentlaws than those that apply to other valuations, and because the CPAhas become an advocate for one side in an adversarial process, thefindings of the valuation are sure to be challenged aggressively byrepresentatives of the other side. Since neither business valuationstrategies nor expert witness skills are part of the curriculum ofany undergraduate accounting program, CPAs have generally had toacquire them through trial and, unfortunately, error untilnow.

The Handbook for Divorce Valuations offers practical coverage ofevery aspect of business valuation in the context of a divorce.From engagement acceptance and administration to divorce-relatedvaluation issues and appearing as an expert witness, thiscomprehensive guide shows practitioners how to provide the highestlevel of service in divorce litigation. It helps CPAs:
* Prepare detailed, comprehensive reports on business valuationengagements
* Make the most of guidelines company- and industry-specificinformation
* Collect and analyze relevant data
* Choose the best valuation methodology
* Prepare for depositions and trials
* Put forth best effort on direct examination
* Survive cross-examination

Divorce litigants depend on thorough, competent professionals torepresent their interests. The Handbook for Divorce Valuationshelps practitioners ensure that their clients will receive the verybest possible representation.
Valuation Approaches and Applicability to Divorce Practice.

Engagement Acceptance and Administration.

The Engagement Process.

Data Collection and Analysis.

Industry Information--Where to Find It and How to UseIt.

Are There Really Comparable Companies?

Discounts and Premiums.

Goodwill in a Divorce Context.

Arriving at a Conclusion of Value.

The Deposition.

Preparing for the Trial.

Direct Examination.

Surviving Cross-Examination.

Business Valuation Credentials, Organizations, and ProfessionalStandards.

Marketing the Divorce Practice.