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The Handbook of Equity Style Management, 3rd Edition

The Handbook of Equity Style Management, 3rd Edition

T. Daniel Coggin (Editor), Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-46878-3

Apr 2003

512 pages


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A fully updated guide to equity style management

Pioneered by Nobel laureate William Sharpe, equity style management is derived from a correlation analysis of various equity style categories, such as value, growth, small cap, large cap and foreign stocks. In the Third Edition of The Handbook of Equity Style Management, twenty contributors from industry and academia help readers understand various equity style management issues, including equity style indices, different approaches to equity style measurement, foreign stock investing, tactical style management, behavioral aspects of equity style, and equity style benchmarks for manager selection and performance attribution. This updated edition gives readers the rationale behind equity style management, and shows how new strategies can be used to manage risk and improve returns.

About the Editors.


Overview of the Book.

Contributing Authors.

CHAPTER 1. Style Analysis: Asset Allocation and Performance Evaluation (Arik Ben Dor and Ravi Jagannathan).

CHAPTER 2. The Many Elements of Equity Style: Quantitative Management of Core, Growth, and Value Strategies  (Robert D. Arnott and Christopher G. Luck).

CHAPTER 3. Models of Equity Style Information (Robert C. Radcliffe).

CHAPTER 4. Style Analysis: A Ten-Year Retrospective and Commentary (R. Stephen Hardy).

CHAPTER 5. More Depth and Breadth than the Style Box: The Morningstar Lens (Paul D. Kaplan, James A. Knowles, and Don Phillips).

CHAPTER 6. Using Portfolio Holdings to Improve the Search for Skill (Ronald J. Surz).

CHAPTER 7. Are Growth and Value Dead?: A New Framework for Equity Investment Styles (Lawrence S. Speidell and John Graves).

CHAPTER 8. The Style of Investor Expectations (Hersh Shefrin and Meir Statman).

CHAPTER 9. The Effects of Imprecision and Bias on the Abilities of Growth and Value Managers to Outperform their Respective Benchmarks (Robert A. Haugen).

CHAPTER 10. Style Return Differentials: Illusions, Risk Premiums, or Investment Opportunities (Richard Roll).

CHAPTER 11. The Persistence of Equity Style Performance: Evidence from Mutual Fund Data (Ronald N. Kahn and Andrew Rudd).

CHAPTER 12. How the Technology Bubble of 1999–2000 Disrupted Equity Style Investing (Kari Bayer Pinkernell and Richard Bernstein).

CHAPTER 13. Multistyle Equity Investment Models (Parvez Ahmed, John G. Gallo, Larry J. Lockwood, and Sudhir Nanda).

CHAPTER 14. A Comparison of Fixed versus Flexible Market Capitalization Style Allocations: Don’t Be Boxed in by Size (Marc R Reinganum).

CHAPTER 15. A Plan Sponsor Perspective on Equity Style Management (Keith Cardoza).

CHAPTER 16 An Analysis of U.S. and Non-U.S. Equity Style Index Methodologies (H. David Shea).

CHAPTER 17. Country-Level Equity Style Timing (Clifford Asness, Robert Krail, and John Liew).

CHAPTER 18. Value Investing and the January Effect: Some More International Evidence (Bala Arshanapalli, T. Daniel Coggin, and William Nelson).

CHAPTER 19. Exploring the Mathematical Basis of Returns-Based Style Analysis (Thomas Becker).

CHAPTER 20. Trading (and Investing) in "Style" Using Futures and Exchange-Traded Funds (Joanne M. Hill).