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The Handbook of Infrastructure Investing

The Handbook of Infrastructure Investing

Michael D. Underhill

ISBN: 978-1-118-26811-7 January 2012 224 Pages


A comprehensive overview of cutting edge infrastructure investment topics from sector experts

Infrastructure investing is one of the fastest growing and most complex asset classes facing investment professionals, practitioners, and academics. The Handbook of Infrastructure Investing examines this dynamic discipline by featuring contributions from numerous investment experts in each sector.

Salient topics include timelines for domestic and international infrastructure investing; progression of strategies and present day trends; challenges of successful infrastructure programs with labor unions; events in history that have ushered in new reforms; and much more.

  • Unearths some of the biggest investment opportunities available and addresses how to make money, while meeting other portfolio investment objectives: environmental, socially conscious, and governance principles, pro-labor investing and other collateral investment objectives
  • Offers insights from some of the best minds in the business
  • Covers the resurgence in transportation, the types of deals associated with it, and how transportation finance has changed
  • Contains commentary from public pension funds, endowments, foundations, and family office investment professionals
  • Provides an overview of the traditional and alternative energy sector and the abundant investment opportunities within it

As infrastructure investing continues to grow, you'll need to enhance your understanding of this field. The Handbook of Infrastructure Investing will get you up to speed on all the issues associated with it, and provide a dynamic working guide to building an infrastructure investment program.


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CHAPTER 1: America's Essential Infrastructure: A Key to Competitiveness (Henry Cisneros, Chairman, CityView).

CHAPTER 2: Transportation Infrastructure (David Kerr, GIC Special Investments).

CHAPTER 3: Energy Infrastructure and the Industrialization of Emerging Markets: Framework for Private Sector Investment (Wilbur L. Ross, CEO, WL Ross & Co.; Zhongmin Shen, Head of Private Equity--China, Invesco; Brian Foerster, Capital Markets Analyst, Invesco).

CHAPTER 4: Infrastructure Investing in the Electric Power Sector (Douglas W. Kimmelman, Senior Partner, Energy Capital Partners).

CHAPTER 5: Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (Michael D. Underhill, Founder, Capital Innovations LLC; Ian Savage Elliott).

CHAPTER 6: Master Limited Partnerships (David N. Fleischer, Principal, Chickasaw Capital Management, LLC; Matthew G. Mead, Principal, Chickasaw Capital Management, LLC; Robert M.T. Walker, Research Analyst, Chickasaw Capital Management, LLC; James L. Johnstone, Vice President, Chickasaw Capital Management, LLC).

CHAPTER 7: Clean Energy Infrastructure: Moving from a Niche Opportunity to a Mainstream Asset Class (Scott Lawrence, Investment Director, Fortis Investments; Peter Dickson, Technical Director, Fortis Investments).

CHAPTER 8: Infrastructure and Union Labor: A Match Made in Heaven? (Michael D. Underhill, Founder, Capital Innovations LLC).

CHAPTER 9: How Valuation Can Vary Meaningfully: The Pennsylvania Turnpike (Daniel F. Huang, Director, Duff & Phelps, LLC; Dr. Stephan Forstmann, Managing Director, Duff & Phelps, LLC).

CHAPTER 10: What Is Listed Infrastructure? (Michael D. Underhill, Founder, Capital Innovations LLC).

CHAPTER 11: Institutional Infrastructure Program Management (Michael D. Underhill, Founder, Capital Innovations LLC).

CHAPTER 12: Legal Aspects of Infrastructure Investments (Joseph Seliga, Partner, Mayer Brown).